Saturday, December 26, 2015

Brownshirts and sharia police in German streets


What is it about the German people that could make them think that they have to embrace and empower a fascist racist antisemitic range of aggressive ideologies to atone for the crimes of a regime with an identical ideology that were committed before most of them were born?

It's a fair question.

Some of my best friends have been German. But sorry guys, that is some weird psyche stuff going down there and that's even before you consider that the number one stated ideological tenet of these new nazis is the obliteration of Israel and the extermination of the Jews at the very least as a free people and world domination.  

Genuine refugees deserve compassion but we are entitled to expect protection from any viruses they may carrying. That has always been the case. Once that might have meant a spell in a secure facility on North Head or Stradbroke Island but these days ideological viruses are more dangerous.

Refugees should be tested for racism, violent antisemitism , terrorism sympathy or belief in global military conquest, either now or in the future. No religion, race or nationality should be exempted from this.

Those who exhibit dangerous viral traits should be deported.  In time, education and good citizenship courses may develop that offer recovery and reform but until then no chances should be taken.

It is spurious to see racism in this policy. It is racist if you do.

Right now there is a controversy here because Australia's most senior security official phoned some prominent conservative politicians to ask them to be moderate in their language when talking about Islam and terrorism. He feared a security blast back of some sort or a drying up of sources.   


You may choose to regard the religion as irrelevant if you wish. I do at one level. Nazism is nazism .The mindset and the grip of the ideology on this mind are the same.  At most the religion is a vessel.  It is the fleas that carry the plague and for them any rat will do.


Of course it would be easy to fake and beat screening tests and anti-nazi filters and no doubt refugee advocates will be swarming to show how. But even that would be better than nothing.

it may cause some to give some thought to why these security barriers are necessary. And why the country's top security chief is so concerned about these that he has phoned politicians to tell them to be careful about their language when they talk about what they see as the root cause of the security threat.

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