Saturday, July 6, 2013

Questions For Senator The Hon Bob Carr


Dear Senator Carr

The context of these questions is this post on my blog where the questions will also  be posted and regards the Government policy on the Middle East peace process

1. What is the Government's attitude to the so called "Palestinian right of return"? Is the Government aware that this is explicit and "unchangeable" policy of even the "moderate"  factions and is code for the destruction or  "euthanasia" of Israel ?

2 What is the basis of the opinion that  Israeli "settlement activity" is illegal and will the Government release any legal opinion it holds in that regard?

Answers will be posted on my blog and cross posted.


Those questions have been emailed to Bob Carr's office.

Look  at this seductive summing up. 

"Here is the paradox – we know the lineaments – but it is hard to get there. The Israelis are understandably focused on security. The Palestinians on the borders of their state."

That is from Bob Carr's article. It is the essence of what is wrong with this Government's understanding of the paradox. This is because it is exactly wrong.

The "Palestinians" are not focused on the borders of their "state". Not even the"Palestinians" Bob Carr talks to. It is the Israelis who are focused on the borders of their state. The "Palestinians" want no borders and no Israelis.   

The tossing around of legalities in all of this is past tiresome on many levels especially when they are only tossed at Israel. It was perhaps tolerable when a two state solution appeared in reach and therefore the question of the legality of the "settlements" was moot. 

As it is no longer in reach, the "Palestinians" having been encouraged by their "friends" and donors in the West to believe it is not necessary, it is time to confront the lie that Jews building homes for themselves is illegal. 

The whole notion of illegality is based on an interpretation of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that is an inversion of reason and principle. This is a legal position of convenience. As such it debases international law.

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