Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Global Tsunami Of Antisemitism


Posts have been slow here on account of the ape spending most of his time kicking around other sites and not bothering to cross post back to the Bar and Grill. So many targets. So little time.  In the meantime ...

An important article by Isi Leibler on the global crisis that dares not speak its name.

A Global Tsunami of Anti-Semitism

Participants at the fourth conference of the Global Forum for Combating anti-Semitism, held under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry this week in Jerusalem, will be provided with data highlighting the accelerated global erosion of the status of Jews and Israel
In the post-Holocaust era, many had predicted, mistakenly, that the world’s oldest hatred would recede, even anticipating that anti-Semites would soon become an extinct species. Instead, defaming Jews has emerged as the greatest global political growth industry – a virtual tsunami. In fact we are witnessing a resurrection of the medieval paranoia which effectively blamed Jews for all the disasters of mankind.

The most concentrated venom is relentlessly directed against ‘the state of the Jews’ (anti-Israelism) which is now the principal vehicle employed to demonize Jews. It dominates debates at the UN and other international organizations where rogue states and barbaric regimes seek to delegitimize the state of the Jews.

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