Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lina Makhoul -- The Voice


This is Israel's darling Lina Makhoul who has just won The Voice Israel with the most soaring and moving rendition of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah you will hear anywhere.  

Lina is a nineteen year old Israeli Arab from Acre who now has a record contract and a scholarship. Given how quickly copyright holders have pounced on internet videos that seems likely to be a handsome contract.

Before Hallelujah some may appreciate as a curtain raiser an amateur video of  Lina singing Ave Maria at the Church in Nazareth a week ago.  I did.

Now go to this CiF Watch post, turn up the speakers and settle back for Lina Makhoul's inspired performance of Hallelujah. 

Drop by CiF Watch while you are there if you have a moment. Britain's leading monitor of endemic racism at the Guardian.  Get an inside view of the depravity the British left wing media  has now reached. If you ever have dealings with a reader of the Guardian it is good to know that if at all possible***. Especially if they have anything to do with the Government.

If that is not enough of Lina  here is she a year ago in the first heat knocking out the judges with her version of the Hebrew song When the Heart is Crying.



  1. I still don't get why supporters and audience get MORE excited when a second or more chairs turn around: they only need one judge to turn around.

    Fun to watch formula shows from different countries!

    It's like Macca's or Coke. Same everywhere.

    How sad.

  2. I've haven't seen a lot of these so I'm unfamiliar with the rituals. Don't they get a choice of who will be their coach if more than one turns around? Or is that another franchise.

  3. Yes, the culling episodes seem to be more about how many chairs turn around, and famous people begging non-famous people: "pick me, pick me", which makes it all very confusing, because the big boast is that it's all about "the voice", hence the name of the show.

    But the "blind" part of auditions lasts for about 60 seconds, and the next most exciting bit is not about famous people competing with each other in a popularity contest.

    In sum: naming the show "The Voice" is false.