Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Collapse of Christian Morality (Update)


A particularly nasty comment from what seems to be a particularly nasty and hateful priest. How many of them have we seen before? 
"You may remember that I decided NOT to participate in the Al Quds Day protest two weeks ago, even though I was scheduled to speak, and I had been feeling very torn up about it all, and was feeling that I had not only let down the organisers but the long-suffering Palestinian people themselves!

"I was both surprised and touched by the size of the response that my sharing generated, and the prayers and support I received from many of my Islamic friends was particularly meaningful to me."

… and where were you when they were murdering the Jews yet again in our time David Smith? Where are you now?
You are a disgrace David Smith. If you had an ounce of moral courage about you at all you would hang your head in shame.


I left this comment on the good father's blog some minutes ago.

Tell me something David Smith.

You will know by now that any communication with you will be put on a blog for all the world that could give a damn to see. There is a reason for that by the way. It's because people like you cannot be trusted with the truth. 

What's with this "Hi Fighter" crap? Is that Christian talk for "G'day Jihadist"? 

I grew up in regional Australia and I have known people like David Smith all my life. My mother's paternal name is "Smith" but that didn't stop my parents marrying in the Toorak shul in 1948. The most frum shul in Melbourne at the time as my mother will claim to this day. Or maybe that was the Rabbi.

I don't like David Smith. He uses a hard fought for Australian institution to attack something that is at the very core of being Australian and that makes this argument personal. Also he refuses to engage. That makes him an intellectual coward. To put it at its kindest. 

G'day fighter right back at you. I remember having to sort out cowards and bullies like you in the school backyard before you were born. 

Further Update

A comment I just put on friend blog of friend Dr Mike Lumish  Israel Thrives

OK First -- I agree entirely with you Mike about Evangelical Christians . 

We have a real serious problem with Christians who act as if they have found a religious reason to see Israel pass into the the dust of history and are in alliance with Jihadists on this.

Do you doubt this?

I have saved you a cross post of this on my blog because something I have said about an Anglican priest is probably actionable under Australian law and therefore I need to spare you any possible complications.

Who cares about what they believe? I don't care about your religious beliefs let alone theirs. That's the point isn't it? 

Their are many Christians who find in their religion and traditions reason to admire or at least stand by Israel and the Jews. They are welcome in my home any time. There are even more Buddhists, agnostics and atheists in my experience. More it seems than even Jews.

Either you get it or you don't. There are a thousand ways why people end up doing the right thing and standing by the human rights of the Israelis and the Jews and every body else in the world is most assuredly the right thing. Isn't it?

Isn't that what "liberalism", however you define it on either side of the ocean,  all about? 

They are our friends, aren't they? 

In a world full of enemies you treat friends with courtesy. At the very least you do not question their motives. Could it be that they just believe the Jews should be left alone? If not for the Jews sake at least for their own? 

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