Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Left, Lies, Facts and Truth


The post-modernist left giving a damn about facts? Come on.
Next they will claim they give a stuff about truth.

Facts The First Casualty In Team Australia's Campaign Of Fear And Loathing

By Jeff Sparrow
On the downside, if we stuff things up in Iraq again, the mess will be even worse than it already is. On the upside, we can always just retreat to our enduring wealth and safety. Jeff Sparrow explains.
Here, in Collins St, who is protecting us as we sip wine, nibble canapés and listen to Rushdie talk about freedom of expression?
When, on 29 August, Herald Sun literary editor Blanche Clark penned a strange, solipsistic, (‘Today, in Collins Street, it just got personal’) response to Salman Rushdie’s Melbourne Writers Festival event, social media erupted in hilarity.
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Note all the tables and graphs. They mean nothing at all, of course, even if the planes of comparison were valid which they are three times removed from being. Comparatives figures of "terrorist attacks" over places and time, for chrissake. What is a "terrorist attack"? How many does 9/11 count for? One? Three?
As soon as the left start citing tables and graphs you know there is some heavy duty obfuscation going down. It must be something pretty important for them.. 
Posted Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 17:34
I don't know why we even bother trying to point out the bleeding obvious to the sad and sorry wreck of what used to be a brave and principled Australian left.
But that was back in the days when the left was for freedom and liberation and not instinctively on the side of tyranny and racism  . That was back when words like "genocide" had meaning, the words hadn't been debased and bled of their meaning by the left,  and the left could recognise genocide when it was spitting blood in their faces as it is right now.
You can draw up all the graphs and tables you like Jeff Sparrow and they mean nothing at all other than someone must have plenty of time to prove nothing. It because you have entirely missed the point. You are kicking at a straw man on another plane.
It is beyond me why NM and the Australian left is so viciously and violently Islamophobic (If in fact the word has any meaning at all)  
The first victims of Islamist fanaticism and terrorism are Muslims and so it has proven to be in the case of Australia.
Over sixty Australian Muslims have been so indoctrinated in this vile life hating ideology that they have gone to fight for the caliphate and only God knows how many Muslims they have killed, murdered and raped in pursuit of the ideals of their Jihad. .
That certainly looks like Muslim terrorism to me. Australian Muslim terrorism.
Of the hundreds of thousands of victims of Muslim terrorism in the world over 90% are Muslims. Even Al Qaeda  murders seven times as many Muslims as non-Muslims.   
There are many brave people in Muslim lands who are fighting to liberate Muslims from the grip of the death cults and to free the women from subjugation from the cradle to the grave. Many are women who have paid with their lives.
NM and the Australian left have betrayed these people. There can be no explanation for this and for the position the left has on everything from "Palestine" to genocide in Iraq, Syria and Iran than sheer bloody minded racism.
This sick world view fantasy of the left that allows it not only avoid seeing the threats of political Islam is the most dangerous delusion of our age. Never mind climate change denial if that is something that troubles you in the night. You guys are in denial about something that hovers over you like a giant coal seam gas farting buzzard. .
You read about Muslim terrorism and Islamist extremism all the time because the bloody world is full of it. You can try to define it away if you like just as some profoundly bigotted and useful idiots sometimes try to define away antisemitism. But you still have to come up with a name for what is murdering all of those hundreds of thousands of innocent people, mainly Muslims, and for the base, bone deep and utterly irrational hatreds that drive it.   
Someone gets it.
O. Puhleez
Posted Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 23:26
I don't know why we even bother trying to point out the bleeding obvious to the sad and sorry wreck of what used to be a brave and principled Australian left.
Colonialism was the political decider and divider post WW2. The opposition to (neo)colonialism reached its highest expression in Vietnam and in the US and other western antiwar movements. But though Vietnam proved such a loss for the US, what came out of it was not a boost for Marxist socialism. That had been given its coup de grace by Stalinism in the USSR and Maoism in China, particularly in the mad antics of the ‘Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution’. The Left, which had grown enormously in numbers and influence in the Vietnam war years had no common political philosophy on which to grow further. The biggest western growth was seen in identity politics, (feminism, black power…) which soon enough got philosophically mired in the swamp of postmodernism. The Left finished up offering no convincing alternative to neoliberalism.

But then, enter stage far right Osama bin Laden and 9/11. Islamism suddenly presented itself as the new major enemy of the US and its formidable war machine.  Islamism also generated a lot of enthusiasm and sympathy in the Islamic world; naturally. So Islamists replaced the Russians as the betes noirs of the capitalist classes that had given the world colonialism and the colonial wars. And so it came to pass that the Left divided into two: a majority who regarded Islam, and its derivative Islamism, as welcome additions to the political scene, ('the enemy of my enemy is my friend') and a minority who would not have a bar of either. The late Christopher Hitchens, in my opinion the inheritor of the mantle of George Orwell, characterised these as the Pro-totalitarian Left and the Anti-totalitarian Left.  Good terminology.

In this debate on this NM thread, we find these two camps both represented. But don’t ask me where this two-ring circus goes next.

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