Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Racists In A Pack ...


The Australian left denies they are antisemitic. They assure themselves of this by the number of Jews among them. That they do that, confirms they are antisemitic. it. As natural born bigots, they will never understand that.

This is a post on a  comment thread at New Matilda, just now, one of many, about an academic poet they are crucifying for using some flamboyant language with friends and colleagues in private.

It is the only attempt at a response, so far, to Peter Baldwin's demolition of the left obsession with the completion of the genocide of the Middle East Jews,  and the destruction of Jewishness.  

As such, it says a lot about the Australian left. 

Mulga Mumblebrain
Posted Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 18:07

It would appear from reading Baldwin's classic piece of Likudnik agit-prop, replete with videos from the notoriously untrustworthy MEMRI Mossad disinformation and hate-peddling sewer, that Baldwin must have suffered more brain damage from his hiding by his ALP 'comrades' back in the day than was appreciated at the time. The whole litany of lies, half-truths, contempt and vicious supremacist humbug (the filth from Halevi attempting to equate Israeli discomfort at Gazan skyrocket attacks with the mass butchery in Gaza was typcally narcissistic garbage, with which we are expected to agree or be slandered as 'antisemites'). The whole thing is pure Zio-nasty rejectionism, Jabotinsky's 'Iron Wall'spewed out by a reliable Sabbat Goy Toy, who, in my opinion, so plainly values Israeli Jewish life and comfort over that of the two-legged animals immured in the Gaza concentration camp that he makes no attempt to disguise it. What's next? Perpetual imprisonment, with periodic massacres (which you loathsomely called a 'self-inflicted haircut', a filthy lie as Israel, as ever, was the aggressor, and race hatred of the most putrid but typical kind, as the 500 dead children are plainly, for you, a matter of no interest whatsoever).Or 'transfer' ie expulsion as the Zio-nasty cappo Feiglin proposed at the height of the butchery, while his Knesset colleague Ayelet Shaked preferred genocide of Gazan mothers, for 'breeding snakes'.

This is the least of it. This is standard in the modern Australian left. It is time that what they are saying was recorded.

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