Friday, October 3, 2014

Meanwhile In Canada


Foreign fighters from all over the world have left their home countries to join the ranks of the Islamic State, and the militant group’s lightning advance across Iraq and Syria this summer has helped to boost recruitment. VICE founder Shane Smith spoke with a man thought to be 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Abu Usamah Somali, who has been in Iraq since July and is reportedly fighting with the Islamic State.

They tell you what they want. How can they not be heard?

What is this? Does the left think they are kidding?

Uncommon Sense

These fanatics leave the peace, tolerance and good lives from western countries. They are driven by the supremacist violent values embedded in Islam to participate in some of the most barbaric practices in human history. In this interview, he refers to brothers mobilising right now to make attacks in the West.
"We are coming and we will destroy you, inshallah"
Who are your biggest enemies, who are you fighting right now? "The world"
"We love being under attack. I want shahadah (death/martyrdom)"
"Thousands of prisoners from the West that we have to behead"
"I know thousands of people in the West who are ready right now to make an operation in your land"
"We will stop when we behead the infidel leaders and turn their children into our slaves

hat tip Uncommon Sense

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