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Every Day Is Ground Hog Day For The Left


Except without the memory. 

If the Australian left was a person she would be in the top corner ward of the nursing home with its own number locked entrance to discourage wandering.

High care. 

They just never never never get sick of it. It's an industry.  For instance, the UN has a full time professional antisemite on staff, fully resourced, all expenses paid, whose job it is to slander Israel and broadcast Hamas war propaganda.  

The job is to provide media opportunities for cut and pasted Hamas war propaganda intended to inverse truth and lies. Such as this at New Matilda. 

30 Sep 2014

Every Single Child In Gaza Traumatised By 50-day Israel Assault: UN expert

By Amy McQuire
The blockade of Gaza by Israel has not ended - even UN authorities are denied access. As for the trauma, it will live on for generations. Amy McQuire reports.
The recent Israeli assault on Gaza left 506 children dead and adversely affected every single surviving child, with reports of trauma resulting in nightmares, bedwetting and aggressive behaviour in a “tragedy” that will last for generations, a United Nations expert has said following his first mission to the region since hostilities ceased.
In a statement released today, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 Makarim Wibisono said Israel’s justification of self-defence for its military operation earlier this year was “untenable”.
He said the violence left 1,479 civilians, 506 of them children, dead. A “staggering” 11,231 civilians - 3,436 of them children - were injured with disabilities that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
Israel’s military operation began on July 7 and lasted 50 days before a ceasefire was negotiated on August 26.
The UN expert was not allowed access to the occupied territories, and instead met with Palestinian human rights activists, officials and victims in Cairo, and those in Gaza via video conference, the statement said.
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Oh dear
a selection of replies by the Joint and another commenter follow. Some are replies to other comments that you will not be burdened with on this blog. 
Posted Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 22:08

The recent Israeli assault on Gaza left 506 children dead and adversely affected every single surviving child, with reports of trauma resulting in nightmares, bedwetting and aggressive behaviour in a “tragedy” that will last for generations, a United Nations expert has said following his first mission to the region since hostilities ceased.
The truth
The recent Hamas/Fatah assault on Israel that has closed schools and forced kids to live in bunkers left kids dead, injured and adversely affected every single surviving child, with reports of trauma resulting in nightmares, bedwetting and withdrawn and depressed behaviour in a war crime the consequences of which will last for generations.
Any UN report on Gaza will be sourced in UNWRA and Gaza health authority both of which are of course Hamas agents. Those statistics are acceptable only if you accept that the Israelis killed no terrorists. It is known that Hamas instructed that all fatalities, including people they killed themselves, be recorded as "innocent civilians"
The IDF has analysed that its forces caused the deaths of about one thousand Hamas, and its ugly sisters, (including Fatah) terrorist fighters and bosses.
For certain Gaza civilians including kids were killed and injured. Every single one of them is a casualty of Hamas. Israel went to extraordinary lengths to avoid civilian casualties. For Israel, a dead child is a matter for regret and regarded as a military failure. For Hamas, child murder is state policy    

Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 00:12
This is real cheap cut and paste journalism.
The UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories Makarim Wibisono, an outspoken critic of Israel, took over the reins from Richard Falk earlier this year because he had the necessary credentials - a strong record of bias against Israel.
According to UN Watch, in the past Wibisono has accused Israel of “unconscionable use of force against the Palestinians,” “untenable acts of aggression,” and of having a “policy of retribution against the entire Palestinian nation.” He has also referred to the “stark and brutal nature of the policies pursued by the occupying power,” accused Israel of being “the aggressor and the perpetrator of wanton violence,” and repeatedly minimized Israeli suffering, speaking of “the handful of Israelis who have died,” and of Israel’s battle with rocket and other terrorist attacks as a “flimsy pretext.”
Surely McQuire doesn't get paid to reproduce this kind of rubbish.
Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 07:44
"Flemmnig's ultimate garage"
Why not? Hamas "smuggled" enough cement into Gaza to upgrade the housing of half the population. Instead they used it to built a vast complex of war bunkers and attack tunnels into Israel on  a  scale that would impress a James Bond villian.

It easy to believe they brought in a few  '67 Mustangs as well.
Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 07:46
The UN is a root cause of the ongoing Arab/Israel conflict. The UN is the final guarantee that there will never be peace.
Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 12:40

"The responding actions of Israel in the occupied territories and Gaza is not in any way proportional"
Leaving aside the sentence that follows which is gratuitous and can only be explained by ignorance of what actually happened in Gaza in those weeks, it is iincumbent on some one who writes a sentence like that to say what is "proportional"
Keep in mind the circumstances. A determined and premeditated missile attack on civilian centres in a war unilaterally declared in the most vile way imaginable. Attack tunnels by the dozen dug to within metres of where children are sleeping. Terrorist determined to murder them quite literally jumping out of the ground.
Don't you dare tell me about the nightmares Gazan kids are now suffering as a result of the filthy gang of dirty minded violent superstitious men who rule them. Not until you show some passing interest in what the kids of Sdorat have been through and still suffer from. 
Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 14:48
What is proportional? It is a good question and I really do not have an answer. I do know the following. Hamas has not destroyed Israeli infrastructure, including not destroying sewerage plants, electricity generators etc. Hamas has not destroyed the educational institutes of Israel, they have not destroyed hospitals, they have not made tens of thousands homeless by destroying their homes, they have not created a virtual prison, they have not stopped Israeli trade, they have not bombarded Israel with naval gunships, nor artillery, nor tanks. They have not stopped Israel importing essential goods or services. They have not stooped Israelis from freely traveling. They have not stolen land nor encircled populations with fences that cut you from your farm land. They have not orchestrated attacks on Israeli refugee camps. They have not dispossessed over 480,000 from their ancestral land.
Nor has Israel. But we know what Hamas does. Hamas kills its own people Not just shields.Over 300 children were killed digging those tunnels. Hamas prizes them as diggers for their size and agility.  
If you have to believe these lies to cover the truth then I suggest you should have a close look into your soul to discover why you so badly need to avert your eyes from what is in front of your face.  
Hamas is an ally of ISIS with an identical ideology. Hamas is not the "Palestinian" people anymore than ISIS is legitimate authority in Iraq or Syria.  . It is no longer acceptable to conflate the people with the monsters who rule them so as to resolve some odd psychological need of yours that demands you attribute blame to the victims.  
The plight of the "Palestinians", like the distress of all Arab peoples, is due entirely to the murder gangs and rejectionists who compete for power over them and always have. Always. For centuries before their was an Israel. . Entirely. 100%. It is not Israel's fault. No more than ISIS is the fault of the West. It is time we stopped accepting responsibility for the ddepravityof the East and its sick political cultures..
Occidentialism is dead. It was a spit in your face post modernist lie in the first place .
You have dodged the question. What would you have done when confronted with a cold deliberate utterly unprovoked massive scale assault on the civilian population that terrorises, threatens and disrupts the lives of millions?
Of course you have dodged the question. In my experience people like you get all fuzzy and angry when they are asked that question. Inevitably they sink to retailing off the shelf propaganda and lies, as you have done. The Muslim world is full of this shit. It hangs over the whole stage like poisonous fog. .
The truth. The majority of Israel's Jews are Middle Eastern in origin. Israel is very much a Middle Eastern country.  The remaining Jews of the Middle East, dispossessed from Muslim lands where they have lived for centuries before there were Muslims (and in the Levant, before there were Arabs ), robbed of everything, their property, their citizenship and often their lives, are now concentrated in one tiny patch of land that has been Jewish land under international law quite literally since there was any concept of international law.
But that is not good enough. The Jews have been enormously successful in the tiny barren spit of land that they purchased and paid dearly in blood, sweat and treasure.
So there is this concerted global campaign to steal that country from them as well. Nothing has changed. It is the way of the world to steal from the Jews.    
Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 17:48
None of your slurs of Israel are true. They are all war propaganda lies. 
I believe you know this or at least for most part know this. . 
It is impossible for you not to know that this is a war against Israel and the Jews that most of time is "cold" and therefore fought entirely with words, lies and propaganda on one side and with truth ( such as Hasbara) on the other.
And you have chosen to adopt the narrative that suits you. The one that blames the victims and the targets of bloody thirsty aggressive war, for the war against them. 
Israel does not bomb homes, schools and hospitals. When Israel was in Gaza they built the schools and hospitals. Attacks on a school in Gaza and some kids on a beach are being investigated by IDF criminal authorities but no rational informed person, even Israel's harshest critics, believe that Israel deliberately targets civilians as policy. Only the lunatics.
It is Hamas and IJ that destroy schools and hospitals and use them to shield and house terrorist operations.
Not to mention the women and kids that these "men" hide behind when they are trying to murder other women and kids
Your allegation that Israel is bombing homes to force out the people to take the land is one lie way beyond the pale even by the crankiest of war propaganda. Israel withdrew from Gaza years ago (and life has been a Hamas horror for the Gazans and the people of northern Israel ever since). Everyone must know this. And you choose to retail this lie.
I am no bigot or xenophobe. I just know a murderous tyranny when I see one, a vicious and sick political culture; and to take the side of the people who suffer under that monstrosity is is not bigotry.
To take the side of the oppressors is bigotry. To excuse their vile acts on the grounds that they are "Muslim" or "Arab" or on any other ethnic or religious grounds, is bigotry.
What would you have done had you been in Israel's position? 
The question you can't answer and that makes you so fuzzy and angry.
Why do you react that way?
Accept one truth. The Israelis don't have the luxury of intellectualising, navel gazing, reflecting on the evils of the acquisitive culture and dwelling and bleeding over the cruelties of history and what happened in 1948, or whenever, before most of them and certainly all the citizen soldiers, and most of us, were even born.
When the missiles are flying at the rate of hundreds a day, the death gangs are hunting for kids to kidnap and kill and terrorists are leaping out of the ground through unknown tunnels that could accommodate an attack on the people by over a thousand jihadi death cultists bent on murder and paradise, the Israelis have to act. This is war and there is an existential threat to the nation and people.
They have to act.
You have the luxury of second guessing with hindsight, smothered in a thick coating of supercilious moralising,  from the other side of the planet.
Fine. Good for you. Just try not to get so angry and fuzzy when the question is put to you. The cognitive dissonance on display is jarring.
Posted Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 01:09
 "the kidnapping of the 3 hapless teenage Israelis by what turned out to be a Palestinian cell of ISIS (That well know Western/US/Israeli false flag unit) and not Hamas as Netanyahu and his crew claimed"
They don't even bother trying. Blackincal, if you have followed this thread this far you can here an example of Palestinianism war propaganda and how brazen and  bizarre it gets.
Rychard first issue with truth is that it is not just Netanayahu who said it was Hamas. So did Hamas - load and clear.
A veteran Hamas official has said that the Islamist group was behind the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank – an incident that was a major trigger for the current brutal war in Gaza.
Saleh al-Arouri, one of the founders of Hamas's military wing, made his comments at a conference in Istanbul, where he lives in exile. A tape of his comments was posted online by conference organisers.
"There was much speculation about this operation; some said it was a conspiracy," al-Arouri said at a meeting of the International Union of Islamic Scholars on Wednesday.
"The popular will was exercised throughout our occupied land, and culminated in the heroic operation by [Hamas's armed wing] the Qassam Brigades in imprisoning the three settlers in Hebron."
But in an odd sort of way Rychard and his war lies do reveal an inner truth as war propaganda often does.
Hamas is the "Palestinian" branch of ISIS. That Hamas cell was indeed a "Palestinian" cell of ISIS.
They murdered those kids by the way. Hapless kidnapping really doesn't cover this crime.
One last thing. Israel got them. Two Hamas killers who carried out the hapless kidnapping were haplessly shot in an not so hapless Israeli special force operation last week.  
The deaths of the two well-known Hamas militants, Amer Abu Aisheh and Marwan Qawasmeh, ended one of the largest manhunts conducted by the Israeli security forces.
The whole world knows who they are. As Rychard said. 


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