Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Father Dave Watch


George Galloway and Father Dave - July 2013
"Mine is the good old fashioned right handed salute. The other  ugly fascist uses the left." 

It has been a while since this blog has found the stomach to cast its sweeping light house eye on this seriously unpleasant little creep of a man, fed and watered by the Anglican Church of Australia as part of what it sees as its effort to make this a better world according to its own sweeping ideology.

It is all about the evil Jews who without the slightest qualm poison children with Sarin    to advance their evil plans.

This is a man who does not hesitate to speak for "Church leaders".  This is what he says

 Personally, as one who considers Galloway a friend and a mentor, I find his theory entirely plausible.

Of course he finds the theory plausible. Ugly men like him have always found these theories plausible.  They know, just know, that it is the Jews who poison the wells. 

A couple of responses. One from friend Doodad in the US. The other from yours truly that will never see the light of day at David Smith's racist and vile site. That you can count on.

This is way beyond a joke in this dangerous and hateful world. It is time the Anglican Church did something about this truly odious and ignorant bigot in their midst. It is time decent Australians insisted. Not just decent Anglicans. Not just decent Christians. This creep enjoys taxation and other benefits bestowed by our secular state. We all subsidise him just as we all subsidise the rest. But not for this. Not to attack the foundations of our tolerant and liberal society that so many have sacrificed so much to build and defend.


One Response to Galloway: chemical weapons in Syria were used by Al Qaeda, supplied by Israel!

  1. Doodad says:
    “the video is intended to illustrate Galloway’s lunacy!”
    No video required to accomplish that.
  2. geoffff says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    That you can even post this filthy slander without embarrassment is all that is needed to prove that there is something sick and evil at the very core of your soul.
    You have no place in civilised discourse about the horrors that confront the Syrian people. You, and people like you, are responsible for it. You, and people like you, have always been responsible.
    You shame your Church. You shame your religion. You and your murderous Islamist friends disgrace religion.

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