Saturday, September 14, 2013

Creeping Racism In Australian Universities -- Exhibit B


Check this out. A comment on a thread about the Sunni v Shiite civil war on the Syrian front at the Conversation attracts this comment. 

You don't even have to scratch the surface these days. It lays on the ground like dog turds on a Paris footpath. If it wasn't for the ape it would never be challenged. You can just see the weekend perusers nodding their heads in contemplative agreement. 

I haven't looked at the rest of the thread. "Billy Field''s is the most recent contribution to the discussion. You can just imagine. Listen. Hear that growing rumble over the horizon like an approaching summer storm?

That's the sound of antisemitism denial on this windy cloudy Yom Kippur morning. 

Billy Field

logged in via Facebook
I saw something somewhere that this whole "Syria/Iran" "intervention" agenda is really about a "smokescreen" to divert attention from Israels "expansionist" & "refusal to settle with Palestinians" agenda.
When one considered it seems to be the "Israel fronts" & lobbies that seem to be doing pushing for this war on Syria (as it was for the Iraq invasion) one must suspect this is why the USA is seemingly backing the Syria rebels....
We need a settlement in Israel/Palestine foe everyone sakes...(except of course profiteers)....The USA can do this in 5mins by telling Israel it will stop "Aid" & do banking sanctions if they don't settle.....Lets move forward PLEASE....I suspect more money & benefit in trade than war for all!!

  1. Che Gorilla

    Human Rights Activist
    In reply to Billy Field
    What a creepy comment.
    I was about to write another post on the creeping racism in Australian universities, following the ANU's international hate meet this week, and thought I would just quickly check out The Weekend Conversation email first for some light entertainment to steel the nerves.
    Sure enough. First thing I see is this nasty little titbit from the Goebbels' Centre For Peace And Conflict Studies.
    Muslims murdering Muslims on an industrial scale? Arabs committing crimes against humanity as pretty much as ugly as they get?
    "It's all the Jews fault" . They profit from it. Note the inverted commas. And where they stop.
    What really scrapes the nerves like a Nazi dentist's drill is that comments like this on a forum with academic pretensions always, always,  go unchallenged. It's like the neighbours during a Kristalnacht pogrom down the street.
    Will be up at the Joint in five minutes. Some one must speak out. No point on relying on the "intellectual" class. The rot sets in there first.


    Chris Saunders

    In reply to Che Gorilla
    Che could you explain more fully your point? You surely can't deny that Israel's establishment in the Middle East had a de-stablizing influence which has persisted ever since. Claims have been constantly made about Israel and its territorial ambitions and its influence upon US policy. Is it reasonable to ignore these claims in the light of the military engagements it has been involved in the past and surely you are not claiming that any criticism of Israel is racism. Israel is reported to have chemical and nuclear weapons and are not signatories to the UN Chemical weapons convention. Is this racism to state such a report because Israel denies its truth, or is it racism because it is said about Israel? And I am not clear why the Billy Field comment is considered creepy. Surely, when a comment thread is seeking reasons for actions a lot of media reports will be thrown into the mix seeking rebuttal or agreement. When one does not know, one does not usually answer. Other's silence surely means little else?

    The ape is always happy to oblige

    Regrettably he appears to have been banned.

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  1. Well, judging by these two comments above, Jew-Hatred is not creeping, it's galloping in.

    Recently, I heard, what I thought, was a fitting metaphor: "Jew-Hatred is like a virus, sometimes it goes into recess, but it always comes back" (or words to that effect).

    The most recent sleep of this ghastly virus was faaaaaaar to short !

    I recommend two books:
    "Demonizing Israel and the Jews" by Manfred Gerstenfeld
    "Israel, reclaiming the narrative" by Barry Shaw

    Not that I think those who commented above will take up this suggestion, but, just in case, I have chosen two books which we could quaintly call "accessible" .