Sunday, September 15, 2013

Che At The Conversation

ANU Seminar on human rights in the West Bank
Get a load of this comment

Che Gorrilla I think you are incorrect in your assertions. The project to create a Jewish and Zionist state is long running and was largely financed through the patronization of Rothschild in France.
It is interesting to see them here and supporting the divisions that gave rise to the World Wars on the other hand. So they profit from the Nazi's and from the insertion of the Israeli state at the crossroads of the Eurasian continent.
Elsewhere in this comment stream it is established the manifest criminality of the USA Israel's main and contemporary sponsor. Rather than stabilize the region, the Israel state provides a point of friction and dirty tricks. In league with the USA it has established client relationships with Arabian states dividing the Arab/Muslim civilization. In allowing itself to be divided it shows it's own weakness.

Che Gorilla

Human Rights Activist
In reply to greg fullmoon
"What is new in this? Enjoy your Succot, and your move out of the wilderness. The trick is to acknowledge the acceptance you received from the 19th century Palestinians and the treatment you meted out in return. Not much alters whilst we refuse the lessons of history."
I was going to let this pass. There is a point of view that the racist nonsense that drips from this comment is best ignored. It is of course antisemitism in its classic form. The Jews are responsible for all the world's ills. Rothschild (the French one) caused both world wars from which he (they?) profited. All the problems in Arab countries are sourced in Israel. Israel is always guilty. The Arabs are always innocent. Israel's repeated peace offers never happened. Arab rejectionism is a myth. Everything is a conspiracy. The Jews have been evil since biblical times.
You see this is an example of ingrained racism which now so prevalent it is hardly noticeable. No one bats an eyelid.
But get this phrase again.
" acknowledge the acceptance you received from the 19th century Palestinians and the treatment you meted out in return."
Mate, I admit that sometimes I feel like I'm 150 years old but I can assure you I was not around in the nineteenth century. Nor were any Israelis.
That you can even refer to me in the second person plural says everything we need to know about you.
The Eternal Jew.

No  antisemitism here.

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