Sunday, January 4, 2015

Post Modernist? Occidentalist? Hit Them Hard With A Big Slab Of Truth


Daily Koz is a leftist US site approximately equivalent to New Matilda but with more Stalinists since the latest purge and a few less antisemitic Jews. They have moved on to a ring further in.

Friend blog, Israel Thrives and its supporters keep on eye on this nasty suspect place. As always with these racist censorious sites you have to wonder where the money comes from.

This from Proteus7 , a commenter that Daily Koz did not count on. Somehow Proteus7 slipped under the radar. That happens sometimes in Stalinist places.

Says it all though

We need to record these pieces before they hit the hole. So this.

Since there has never been a state of "Palestine" before, I certainly don't believe they somehow deserve one now. The Arabs there currently were mostly not indigenous, but rather imports from Egypt and Syria in the 1800s with no historical claim to the land. Just the facts.
That being said, thanks to the UN giving them unique multi-generational refugee status, and the failure and denial of their neighboring Arab countries to absorb the original refugees (Egypt and Jordan grabbed most of the land originally after 1948 but never allowed a separate state), we have a problem of 5 million people (grown from the original 750,000) without a nation.
So, what to do? Gaza is obvious. Gaza was never part of the original nation of Israel, it's 100% Arab, so it belongs to them. Israel is willing to give up parts of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), but given past history (including 4 wars and repeated and constant terrorist threats), can't afford to have Arab missiles, rockets and mortars located 9 miles away from the heart of Israel.
A one state solution is untenable, as past history around he world has shown. Having an armed Palestinian state on two borders, with a population raised and educated to hatred and violence for three generations won't work either. The only answer is a demilitarized state. Of course, this has been offered before,
What the Palestinian Arabs don't seem to understand is that they lost. They rejected the original UN partition. They tried 4 times and for 60 years, through direct war, and terrorist attacks on civilians to try to get all of Israel, and failed. Failure has consequences, they need to take what they can get and build from there. History is not kind to losers...they don't get to dictate terms.
Unfortunately it won't happen. Thanks to the big lie, they've raised multiple generations to believe that they have historical rights to a mythical nation of "Palestine" that never existed in history. They've elevated the mythology of the Temple Mount as an Arab holy place to ridiculous levels (from 1948-1967" under Jordanian control, not ONE Arab leader ever bothered to visit, or pray there). Israel will never give up control of Jerusalem, their 3000 year old historical capital, so it's a non-starter.
The above points I make are not politically correct. They are not popular on here. But, they are true and factual, and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Of course, given the level of intellectual dishonesty that i often see on these topics, I expect to get downvoted and banned quickly, rather than have a proper discussion of issues and facts. The truth isn't very popular on IP forums.
PS. The PA joining the ICC is laughable. A quote from Obama comes to mind: "Please, proceed" Mr Abbas! An organization with a 60 year history of deliberate terrorist attacks on civilians, and of launching thousands of rockets against civilian targets...whose 2015 New Year message consisted of Fatah flag planted atop a mound of Jewish skulls..this is the group that will try to bring charges on human rights violations against Israel? How do you saw "chutzpah" in Arabic?

Said with perfection. Thank you Proteus7
Observe on the comment thread how Proteus7 sticks up against all comers using in full swing the only weapon we have.

The truth

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