Thursday, January 15, 2015

Defining Who The Jews Are For The Jews At The Conversation.


Yesterday I posted this comment on this discussion thread at The Conversation.

The Jews are a nation.
Why do people like you have so much difficulty absorbing this truth?

18C must go. I have never been more convinced of this than now.

It was a response to a typical antisemitic comment denying the legitimacy and legality of Israel by denying the nationhood of Jews, even in Israel. 

Yesterday the moderators deleted my comment. I do not know the reason for this because they did not say. But they did take the trouble to remind me of the site's "community standards." The original antizionist/antisemitic comment however still stands.

So do these other comments:

Syd Walker

logged in via Twitter
So, we now have it from the pen of a Jewish academic. RDA 18C gives protection to Jews, but not to Muslims. The author seems happy with that - but I for one don't his argument for maintaining a law that's effectively discriminatory at all convincing.
18C should be abolished because it's DISCRIMINATORY.
The real function of 18C is to shield Jewish historiography from public scrutiny. That has been the case from the outset in the mid-1990s when 18C was legislated.
All the rest (eg the travesty of the Bolt case) has been window-dressing.

alan w. shorter

research assistant
In reply to Syd Walker
*The Racial Hatred Act* was passed as part of keating's electoral strategy to build up a "race vote" to compensate for his so repelling so much of labor's base. The *Racial Hatred Act* was an attempt to buy the *Jewish vote* - to turn the very well organized and successful Jewish organizations into grass roots campaigners. And ditto, with the *Indigenous* vote, which he hoped to cement for all time by the multi-billion dollar funding of ATSIC. The Racial Hatred Act was designed to silence any criticisms of Zionism, and of ATSIC. It is very interesting to go back to the time. The Racial Hatred Act was overwhelmingly opposed by liberals, and even by socialists, and other leftists.

I think the Conversation owes me an explanation. I think the Conversation owes us all an explanation. Don't you? So I'm going to ask for one.

The national anthem of the non-nation. Move on please. No Jewish nation here.

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