Friday, August 30, 2013

Threats to Israel. Threats to the World.


It is good to see that Israel officialdom is now putting a serious effort into countering the anti-Israel hysteria that has been such an integral and sinister part of the "progressive" agenda and mainstream discourse especially in the universities across the West for many years.

Here is a map just put out by the Israeli embassy to the US. Those whose carefully trained reflex to anything to do with the Arab Muslim war against the remaining Jews of the Middle East, is to frame it as:

a)  It is all about the "Palestinians"

and therefore

b) It is all about the "Settlements" and the "Occupation"

and therefore

c) all about international law (and which only applies to Israel) 

should spend a few minutes looking at this map and then perhaps an even larger map that takes in the threats to all the other states and peoples in the region by exactly the same forces that are arrayed against Israel.

A foreign minister in a distant foreign country as safe as any in the world from these threats, who stands before a crowd during an election campaign that includes partisans on all the sides listed in this map (apart from the only universally agreed target of them all), at vicious, inhumane and apparently perpetual war among themselves, and the only thing he can say is to condemn Jews building homes for themselves in Jerusalem as "illegal", really needs to be dragged from office at the first opportunity.  

Australians should be ashamed of this politician.

Meanwhile Israelis are stocking up on new gas masks. Someone should tell Bob Carr. Maybe some one should send him one. Perhaps enough for all his family. I expect nothing focuses the political mind quite like trying on gas masks. 

Excellent question. Just don't ask Bob Carr. He will tell you it is because Jews are illegal in the wrong part of town

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