Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flash! Ape Banned From Conversation


Che has been playing with his intellectuals again here at the Conversation and just got a comment censored for telling the truth about the Greens. That has earned two bans in two days. Echonetdaily just couldn't handle the truth either. This comment too never saw the light of day on this "progressive" site. Same reason. Infested by the Greens and therefore just can't handle criticism. 

But I'll say one thing for the Conversation. They always write a nice note to the Ape whenever they delete one of his spirited contributions to the debate. So here it is with offending comment intact (which I have Greenlighted). I ask you honestly. Would criticism this severe and much worse even attract a raised eyebrow in these circles and at this site if it was directed at the Liberal Party or the ALP (let alone the US, Israel or the Jews)?

Of course not.


Dear Che Gorilla,

Your comment on 'The power of Liberal preferences: how will it impact on the Greens?' has been removed.

There are several reasons why this may have occurred:

1) Your comment may have breached our community standards. For example it may have been a personal attack, or you might not have used your real name.

2) Your comment may have been entirely blameless but part of a thread that was removed because another comment had to be removed.

3) It might have been removed for another editorial reason, for example to avoid repetition or keep the conversation on topic.

For practical reasons we reserve the right to remove any comment and all decisions must be final, but please don't take it personally.

If you're playing by the rules it's unlikely to happen again, so feel free to continue to post new comments and engage in polite and respectful discussion.

For your reference, the removed comment was:

  It is not just Liberal party supporters who have had more than enough of these nasty extremists polluting Australian politics. So have many ALP supporters and even many more who identify as of the political centre. Anyone who believes in democracy and rational policy in government really.

It is not their  policies on conservation or asylum seekers that have made them seriously repugnant even though these look as though they have been hatched in some populist feel good play school rather than the real world.

It is that they have provided a harbour for unreformed Stalinists, racists and haters of liberal democratic values and supporters of gay murdering, women hating, Jew baiting regimes such as Iran, especially in NSW.

It's Rhiannon, stupid. And her supporters who control the "party" including who gets pre- selection. Take a close look at the candidates they are running.

However you vote, put Greens last. It's important.


For more information you can read our standards here:


The Conversation.


Check out the comment in reply to Che's ( and the guy behind it) and Che's reply to him before they ban it too.

Doug Fraser

policy analyst
In reply to Che Gorilla
This posting is not a conversation. This is a shower of toxic spittle of the kind we seem to encounter every time we venture into an online space in this campaign.
Reading between the lines of this particular hate spit, I take it the anonymous poster's real gripe is that some Greens don't support Zionism, or at least don't support the way the current Israeli administration implements it. In which case why not just say so, and we'll know where you stand?
Now fair go. There's not exactly a shortage of right-wing hate sites out there. Why don't you run away, find one of them and enjoy the rest of the morning having a good rant with your soulmates. (I'm sure you and geoffffffff could have a great time together, assuming you're not the same person.) Leave this one to the few of us who are still interested in having a civilised discussion.

Che Gorilla

Human Rights Activist
In reply to Doug Fraser
Doesn't seem to be very much evidence of any interest in a civilised conversation here. None at all really. Depends what you call "civilisation" I suppose. Greens obviously have no problem with the "civilisation" of the thugs who run Iran and Gaza.
You know what you are dealing with when a "conversationalist" starts "reading between the lines" and then deems to speak on behalf of others who can speak for themselves. They can't help themselves. It's the anti - liberal, elitist, authoritarian, reactionary, "leftist" streak that underpins "policy" on this extremist fringe and infests the Greens especially in NSW.
No wonder they hate Israel and want to see it destroyed.
My name is Che Gorilla and I speak only for myself.
So I'm going to put the fair minded moderation at this site to the test on behalf of the ape and do something that I have never done before. That comment by Doug Fraser has to be the clearest breach of their community standards as you can get. Talk about projection.

So what is this? Moderation? Or censorship of criticism of the extreme left during an election campaign?  


Ape misspells "here" in anthropoidist attack on bearded Green voting policy analyst! 

Conversation aghast.

Che Gorila

Human Rights Activist
In reply to Doug Fraser
Anyone interested in free expression and exactly what it was that attracted this comment can see it hear. I will not report this comment for the clear breach of "community standards" it is and I ask others not to. That is not what we are about.
One law for the Greens and another for the rest.
Let the sun shine in.

Further Update

It is not just the Ape who has a here issue at the Conversation. Read the last sentence of this already fine article by this economics professor made much better for it. The icing on the cake as it were. 

Then read this.

Gennadi Kazakevitch

Deputy Head, Department of Economics at Monash University
The post of this sort are published without proofreading by editors. Therefore, all the error/typos are my responsibility. Particularly, the last paragraph should be:
"Any other ideas beyond the three years term of government? I would like to hear from the competing politicians."

The Ape has arrived. 

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  1. A casual look at the professions listed by most of "The Conversation" participants begs the question: Why don't you get a proper job?!