Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Echonetdaily and the Greens Picking Cherries and Dates.


Echonetdaily is the local electronic left wing rag that is particularly strident in its pro-Green tribalism and anti-liberal rage right now given that there is a national election campaign on in Australia and there are excellent prospects that this could herald the beginning of the long anticipated and overdue eradication of the Australian Greens from mainstream politics as the main blocs and the vast bulk of the public that support them realise that it is essential for the health of the country to preference Greens candidates last and into oblivion. 

This is a tiny media outlet with barely a dozen items each post and there are plenty of domestic and local issues but the Greens and their supporters still find space and time for foreign "news" especially when it is about one of the very few foreign matters they really care about. Bashing and blaming Israel for the overstressed plight of the "Palestinians" while excusing and boosting the brutal men who rule over the "Palestinians" and who are responsible for their "plight". 

So Echonetdaily (as did today's Australian but at least it strives for some sort of balance)  picked up an AFP feed sourced in Jerusalem that is very obviously cold war propaganda planted by the "Palestinian" leadership to provide cover for its latest cynical deceit about peace with Israel. Look at this crap:

Palestinian fury over more settler homes

Jerusalem [AFP]
Israeli authorities have announced the approval of 942 new settler homes in annexed east Jerusalem, sparking Palestinian fury on the eve of the resumption of fragile peace talks with Israel.
The Jerusalem municipality said that while it had only now given final approval for the new homes in Gilo, an existing settlement in east Jerusalem, they had been a long time in the planning.
But senior PLO official Yasser Abed Rabbo said the announcement, coupled with the weekend approval of about 1200 homes to be built elsewhere in east Jerusalem and in the West Bank, threatened the ‘collapse’ of talks.
‘This settlement expansion is unprecedented,’ Abed Rabbo said on Tuesday. ‘It threatens to make talks fail even before they’ve started.’
The last peace talks broke down in 2010 on the issue of settlement building.
The latest developments come as the Israelis are due to free 26 Palestinian long-term prisoners – the first of a batch of 104 to be released under a deal agreed to get the talks going again.
Read on if you must but you get the picture. This blog's comment has been submitted as follows. 

 What we have here is a classic case of "Palestinian" lying that they know will be grabbed by the Israel bashing MSM with both hands so as to avoid any prospect of a genuine peace treaty.

This is war propaganda and some might wonder why it resonates as far as the Tweed and Byron shires.

Here's the truth.

The Israeli announcement is just that. An announcement by a municipality and it is not even new. The proposed housing is all on land that under all previous negotiations has been accepted by the PLO and the PA as part of Israel under any realistic two state solution. The proposed housing is in existing mainly Jewish neighbourhoods of Jerusalem.   There have been no new "settlements" since the nineties and there has been a de facto freeze on all construction permits for Jews anyway.

Since the freeze does not apply to Arab Muslims (including Israeli citizens) this is an essentially racist policy forced on Israel in another attempt to reach a peace agreement with ruthless men who have violently rejected a separate "Palestinian" state on principle if it means recognising Israel as a free and sovereign state with the right to be left in peace.

They keep on saying this and they say it still even while the MSM and the "progressives" in the West retail the lie that it is Israel and the "settlements" (meaning the right of Jews  not to be herded by"law" into and confined to a 21st Century version of medieval ghettos, including in Jerusalem itself) that is to blame for Arab Muslim intransigence. 

The building of homes in these areas whether by Jews or Muslims (both are subject to planning and construction standards) is not "illegal" and it is an inversion of morality and the rule of law to claim it is. 

That is not to say that the land is not subject to negotiation in exchange for genuine peace and recognition. It is and that is what is supposed to be going on right now. But that is not what is being demanded of Israel. They want Israel reduced to a rump state without sovereignty over its borders and population. As that is never going to happen they want war. This is what the "progressives" are cheering on. 

What we are seeing here is the build up for another "Palestinian" walkout after extracting the release of scores of murderers of innocent people as the price to even sit at the table. 

Then it is just a matter of giving the Western left the tiny flimsy excuse it needs to go on blaming, hating and demonising Israel and the Jews. Anything but face the truth about why there is this hateful and essentially racist cold war against Israel and the West. 

And that is the truth.

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