Sunday, November 18, 2012

Islamist/Leftist/Christian War of Lies


Right now ordinary decent people in an ordinary decent little country are being attacked by religious lunatics who believe that by murdering innocents they are doing the work of God. There is nothing else that drives them. Their overwhelming impulse to murder is driven entirely by a sick religious delusion that creates grievances out of thin air like bosons up a physicists bum at a Betelgeusian barbeque.  .

Right now there are people who claim moral authority and who have lived cosseted lives thousands of miles away from where these religious lunatics are doing their level best to murder people, ordinary people, women, kids, ...

... and who have taken the case of the murderers against the  people who just want to live their lives.

They blame the victims for the crimes of the killers.

That is evil.

The latest in the war of lies waged by Hamas and its allies  in the West

hat tip   Shirlee


  1. If you read the comments under the Daily Kos Israel diaries, progressives are calling for further persecution of the Jews of the Middle East.

    Of course, they never put it in quite those terms, but that's precisely what it amounts to.

    Hundreds of rockets hit Israel all last week and they breathed not a word, but as soon as the Jews fight back they are made out to be the villains.

    And, yes, it is something akin to evil and what really kills me is that this evil rides in under the banner of universal human rights.

    The hypocrisy is about as blatant and corrosive as it could possibly be.

  2. It is the ultimate moral inversion isn't it Mike and it is offensive.

    Detractors of Israel whine about never being able to criticise Israel without being being accused of antisemitism. OK. here is their chance.

    Listen very carefully to the whiners now. What do they have to say?

    Why are they waiting? What are they waiting for? Some more dead kid photos?

    They always play well. The Western media know that angle well. The blood libel staple a la Netzarim Junction. That's why there are always more photographers than medicos in all those photos.