Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Rotten Heart of Byron Bay

The lighthouse at Byron Bay stands on the most easterly point of the Australian continent. On a clear day (like today) you can see it from my roof terrace.

Take a look at this filth.

Byron Bay BDS Conference 2012 - ‘Why Palestine Matters’ Sunday August 12th Ewingsdale Hall

Byron Bay BDS Conference 2012 - ‘Why Palestine Matters’

Presented by Byron Friends of Palestine
The inaugural Byron Bay BDS Conference is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the formal adoption of the Geneva conventions on Sunday 12th August 2012.
This conference is a not for profit event aimed at promoting awareness of the moral justification for Palestinian civil society’s call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel due to her government’s continued breach of international law, covenants and UN resolutions. The BDS movement is gaining momentum worldwide with ongoing support from significant public figures such as archbishop Desmond Tutu, and prominent artists such as Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

All profits from the event will be donated to Olive Kids, an Australian not for profit organisation that provides relief to Palestinian orphans, and all participants are unpaid volunteers. A donation of $10 is requested of attendees who are encouraged to register for ...

and so on 

Here's my reply.

All of this is a truly disgusting lie that decent Australians, like decent people everywhere, have had enough.
Israel is not in breach of UN resolutions (not even the filthy racist ones forced through by filthy racist countries). Israel is not in breach of international law.
Stop telling lies about Jews. Stop the blood libels.
The only thing that is illegal is this incessant and deranged obsession with destroying the Jewish state. Enough is enough. Here you are on the other side of the world and the only thing your little gang can think of is to protest a tiny country that has made a huge contribution to humankind and only wants to be left in peace.
Why don’t they accept Israel, accept Palestine and accept peace? Why don’t you?
“Palestinian Civil Society”? Have you heard what Norman Finkelstein (your guy) has had to say about “Palestinian Civil Society”? Have you heard what Noam Chomsky (your guy) has to say about BDS pushers who are perfectly happy to study at Tel Aviv university while pushing this racist nonsense?

Awaiting moderation. Sure. Moderation from people whose idea of justice is to stage a vile stunt in support of the destruction of the only state in the Middle East that does not practice racism, religious and ethnic oppression and the systematic strangling of civil rights as an imperative of national ideology.

"Byron Bay Community Market is The Heart of Byron Bay"

Sure it is. I can think of one market that needs boycotting, divestment and sanction. The place needs a heart transplant. 

hat tip Daphne Anson


Message on my answering machine

"Hi Geoff, just wanted to thank you for the free publicity for the BDS conference in Byron Bay. Have a good night"


My pleasure.  Glad to be of assistance.

Further Update

The friendly anonymous caller and one of the local pro-war BDS fanatics organising this racist conference in Byron Bay and  who just couldn't resist the urge to show he knows my home phone number, name and address, but was too gutless or illiterate to have his say here did comment at Daphne Anson's 

It is a "he" by the way. Surely there couldn't be more than one of them.

Obviously he doesn't have Daphne's home phone number, name and address.

What an odd thing to do.

And what an odd comment.

Thanks for the free publicity, this really is the funniest thing all week! Boycott Israel!

Byron Friends of Palestine

What a strange thing to find for a group of small traders on the other side of the world to demand and organise. Of all the things in the world to pick? The destruction of Israel and the surrender of the state because too many killer bigots and their supporters just cannot get their minds around the idea of a Jewish state without their heads exploding. In the case of quite a few of them you can take that quite literally.

OK Byron Bay Community Market

You've got my attention.

More free publicity coming. This should keep you laughing.

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