Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is This Pat Condell's Best Video Yet?.


Finally it has been said. Read the Guardian if you must. That is your sacred prerogative. It is however the ugliest newspaper in Britain and if you take the paper it says something about you that is not pretty.

I guess the Canberra Times is Australia's closest equivalent but the Guardian attracts an Australian audience substantial enough to attract Australian advertising. This is not surprising. This class of person that Pat Condell  has nailed with perfect precision  has been polluting the conversation too long.

Pat Condell  provides links to his sources to subscribers to his brilliant and valuable rants. The footnotes, as it were. Here they are.

Curious how the Guardian explains its policy on allegations of antisemitism only in  terms of the paper's reputation. Not that this is a pretty nasty and dangerous evil that they owe themselves and their readers to eradicate. It's that this "could hurt us".  "It's those noisy Jews  Zionists Israel Lobby  Jews wtf  You Know Who again and they control .... [here take your pick   ---  it's a graduated thing ---.the more control they have the uglier you are] .and unless we get the language exactly right there will be hell to pay."

That's about it, isn't it?

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