Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crying Like a Refugee (or at least like a Barcaldine blowfly in winter)


Here is one Nakba Day you won't hear a murmur about from the racist bleeding hearts of Byron Bay in a thousand BDS conferences.

Ministerial committee decides to set special memorial day on Jewish calendar to mark deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries • Day will likely be remembered on anniversary of Farhud pogrom in Baghdad in 1941, during which 170 to 780 Iraqi Jews were killed.

Why is that?

OK Byron Bay Market bleeding heart racists. I know you come here so take a look at this video and you might start to learn something about some issues about which you have chosen to remain utterly silent and profoundly ignorant. Feel free to show it at your conference. You won't of course. 

Do you wonder why I do not hesitate for a moment to condemn you for the racists you are? 

Daniel Khazoom. Farhud (Baghdad Pogrom)

hat tip CiF Watch

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