Thursday, May 17, 2012

Say "Hello" to Daphne Anson

Mike L.

(Cross-Posted at Israel Thrives.)

One of my favorite new pro-Israel bloggers is Daphne Anson. I am highlighting her blog because I think that it is important that pro-Israel bloggers support one another and because I just happen to like her work.

She says of herself:

I'm a writer/researcher, with many academic books and articles under my own name. Daphne Anson is my blogging alias. Combining the names of two ships, it's a moniker of special significance to me - I'm a naval history buff. I use an alias owing to a perceived need to keep my blogging and professional identities separate. An Aussie, I've long been interested in politics and foreign affairs, having studied International Relations in the USA and Britain for my first degree, and I also hold a doctorate. I began blogging in response to the exponential rise in antisemitism and hostility to Israel in the wake of the Mavi Marmara affair.

Interestingly enough, as my readers know, it was the Mavi Marmara affair that also inspired me to start pro-Israel blogging in earnest. What shocked me at the time was that the effort to break the blockade of Gaza was an effort that saw a coalition of western progressives working with actual murderous Jihadis for the purpose of violently confronting Jews on the high seas.

That was quite a wake-up call, I have to tell you.

In any case, I very much encourage the Bar and Grill readership to check in with Daphne. She is very much a welcome addition to the pro-Israel / pro-Jewish blogosphere... despite the fact that, sadly, she is probably not a San Francisco Giants fan.

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