Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daniel Gordos v Peter Breinhart


This blog's formerly resident troll (who regrettably had to be put down after he contracted a terminal case of mange of the mouth) recently demanded this blog's review of  the latest left Zionist product of the apologist/appeasement industry; The Crisis of Zionism by Peter Beinart.

The troll got a review copy, it seems. This blog did not. Therefore not having read the book this blog declines to review it. A trivial copout I know and not normally regarded as a handicap for reviewers but there you have it.

However here is the next best thing. A debate between Daniel Gordos and Peter Breinhart on   “Zionism is a failing experiment—and American Jews are hastening its decline.”

A review of the debate from the (left/liberal) Jewish Daily Forward is here.

(hat tip  Israellycool)


  1. What did you do
    American Jew
    in 2012 or 1942
    ‘cause business was good
    and they didn't come for You?

    What did you do
    when the world turned its head
    and six million Jews
    were soon to be dead
    but you just didn't know
    and business was slow
    and the kid needed shoes
    no time for some Jews

    What will you do
    American Jew
    As the nations align
    our Homeland maligned
    for the whole world to see...
    yet our president balks
    at the ominous news
    saving words of rebuke
    for 'intransigent' Jews
    and six million more
    getting ready to die?

    What did you do
    and what will you say
    when the question is asked
    that won't go away...
    that you watched
    and you waited
    your life unabated
    and just didn't are
    to risk such a dare
    ...and the grandsons
    made Harvard, Hooray!
    Pray for Israel

    Read more:

  2. Theo,

    great poem, although not for the reasons that you seem to think, given your link.

    It probably is true that American Jews now, like American Jews then, are not standing up. But what they are not standing up for are the Jewish people of the Middle East who remain under siege in a 100 year war against a far larger enemy.

    1,400 years of persecution by the Arab nation.

    1,300 years of dhimmitude followed by 100 years of war.

    300 to 400 million Arabs versus 6 million Jews.

    And who do you side with?