Monday, May 28, 2012

Pat Condell Fires Both Barrels at Saudi Arabia


Pat Condell let fly with some inconvenient truths about Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago. You know ... the usual nit picky stuff about how they spend hundred of millions exporting venal religious hatred in the guise of textbooks, setting up terrorist indoctrination centres disguised as mosques and schools while treating women as somewhere in status between livestock and human beings, executing homosexuals with enthusiastic hypocrisy  etc etc  ...

Here is his latest video which takes up  the theme and in particular on what  active and dangerous threats to free expression in the West Wahhabism and Sunni Theofascism have become. No one says it quite like Pat Condell.

Can I say this?

Perhaps not for much longer.

(hat tip  Shirlee)

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  1. Oh, he is good, very, very good.

    Such a controlled and valuable rant.