Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jew Splits Anti-Zionist Lip

Mike L.

(Cross-Posted at Israel Thrives.)

In certain quarters people are upset that an IDF officer smacked an anti-Zionist activist in the mouth with his rifle.

Speaking strictly for myself, I find it very difficult to care.

Andreas Ias is a member of the anti-Zionist International Solidarity Movement (ISM) that believes that Israel must dissolve itself as a Jewish state by allowing millions of non-Israeli Arabs to move into the country in order to swamp the minute, and thus vulnerable, Middle East Jewish population. The guy is a member of an organization that is an enemy to the Jewish people and who would, if he could, deprive the Jews of the Middle East of their means of self-defense. Toward this end he seeks to help "Palestinians" delegitimize the Jewish state through stunts that are meant to make Israel look bad before the world community.

And now the poor guy has a busted lip.

Gee, I'm heart-broken, I tell ya.


  1. "A moral failure"

    New video shows shamed IDF officer struck several left-wing activists
    In clip taken by Palestinian TV, and released by left-wing NGO B'Tselem, Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner seen beating protesters without clear provocation.

    It would appear some champion cowards and bullies, hey Geoff.