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Challenging anti-Zionist Jews -- What do they want?


I am a very occasional lurker at the blog of British author, novelist, broadcaster and cultural commentator Norman Lebrecht, Slipped Disc.  For me the most interesting way of seeing things is from the inside; in this case classical music and related cultures from the standpoint of the artists themselves. However that is not the reason I first went to this site.

That was because I was looking for a place to comment on a strangely spine tingling and bizarre incident at the Royal Albert Hall last September when "pro-Palestinian" agitators, mainly it seems musicians and other artists, including inevitably a number of Jews, disrupted a performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the BBC Proms forcing a break in the broadcast. I had already had plenty to say on the subject elsewhere but Mr Lebrecht kindly provided the perfect place and all the space I neededReally.

This  may well have been the first time ever that musicians sought to tear down a performance by other musicians in front of their audience for any reason, let alone because of their nationality or citizenship. I do believe these creeps set a precedent.

The political class to which these people belong has been neatly nailed by Dr Mike Lumish here and at Israel Thrives. These are Jews who "represent the height of Jewish dhimmitude. They believe as fervently as any "Palestinian" that Israel is a racist, imperialist, colonialist, apartheid, racist state that must make way for yet another Arab state in the region. This is a form of dhimmitude so complete that the "Palestinian narrative" of perfect victimhood has taken over their thinking on the subject completely. They know with a clarity that Yassir Arafat would have admired that the Jews are guilty and that Israel was born in sin. The "New Historians," such as Ian Pappe and an earlier version of Benny Morris, did much to advance this toxic and false notion among Jewish people throughout the world."

Not just Jewish people of course. The anti-Zionist left always, repeat always, has had a few Jews upfront for cover for their antisemitic campaigns. They have always done this. Sometimes their tame Jews lead the charge. For some reason difficult to fathom the left thinks this is a winning hand.This is important for them; and not just the left. But it is the left that incessantly protests that because they have on board some Jews they could not possibly be antisemitic. 

As usual they protest too much. They do this without the slightest hint of irony. They have no concept they are proving the point against them. 

Each time I hear the "Jew defence" I think well ... duh ...

Jews are often fractious and outspoken. It's part of the culture. They challenge one another and they challenge others and by doing that they mean no disrespect.  It is not a random spray of destiny that Israel has over fifty political parties but at the end of the day is always able to form a government. It is difficult to imagine how Israel could be any other way. At the beginning of the twentieth century a large majority of the world's Jews lived in countries where their basic human rights, especially expression, were suppressed or denied. Now the vast majority live in liberal democracies. This is why you will find all sorts of Jews saying all sorts of things.

This is because they are allowed.

Nobody would think that a virulently anti-American US citizen had something worthwhile to hear solely by virtue of his nationality. A rabid hater of Catholicism deserves no more attention just because she is a lapsed Catholic. Yet with the Jews there is a different dynamic at work. Mike linked a diagnosis from this writer. Oslo syndrome. Says it all.

Norman Lebrecht has savaged the decision by the Israeli interior minister to bar former Nazi, Gunter Grass, from entering Israel; a matter also discussed on this blog and at Israel Thrives. Fine. I can respect the opinion, also shared by Alan Dershowitz, although I'm not sure how the Israelis are expected to feel about being lectured from abroad on matters pertaining to the state's sovereignty and security while at war. But what caught my eye was a near perfect example of a thoroughly Dhimminised Jew who commented on the thread of the article.

Here is his world view, informed by the Grass affair, and here is the man, Dr. Martin Gak is a Philosophy PhD from The New School for Social Research currently leading the Centro de Estudios Filosoficos y Fenomenologicos Acanzados, Buenos Aires.

Surely we can't get better than this. An academic, in the southern hemisphere, as far away from those whose lives are in the balance as you can get without leaving the planet, who has swallowed so  completely the Palestinian and left narrative that it is simply beyond him to understand that to oppose Zionism, 64 years after the Jewish state was founded, can only mean to oppose Jews and to support the hysterical brutal war against them waged by Arab Muslims who are explicit in their desire to see the destruction of Israel and the Jews. They say so again and again. Why don't they listen?

It's the dishonesty of these people that disgusts me most. Universities everywhere, including Australia, have "anti-Zionists" on staff with tenure and these often include Jews. If you will the destruction of Israel, why not say so? Why mumble your words? If you think that advocating the stripping of free people of all their civil and political rights, for no other reason than they are Jews, or perhaps more to the point, not Muslims, then please explain how this is not the vilest form of antisemitism? Please tell us how the dismantling of a hugely successful and productive liberal democracy in the face of Islamic totalitarian imperialism will benefit humankind.

They must know that Israelis, like free people everywhere, will fight to the death before they see their precious state destroyed and replaced by an abomination like the regimes that oppress the people of Iran, Syria, Gaza and a dozen other places. So would Australians. So would many others I suggest. How can anti-Zionists, including Jews, honestly deny that they are  pro-war?

Posted at Slipped Disc and The Radical Secularist.

Cross posted at Israel Thrives.


  1. Terrific post, geoffff.

    This is just the kind of thing that we need to highlight and discuss, particularly since so few people are willing to take on this kind of issue.

    Part of the problem that I have with most liberal Jews (and make no mistake, I very much consider myself a liberal and am, in fact, liberal on the issues) is that there are just so many vital issues around the conflict that they cannot bring themselves to address.

    My tendency is to suspect them of cowardice, but I suspect that it runs so deep that even they are not aware of their own self-cencorship.

  2. The farther one is removed, the easier it is to be out of touch.

    I wonder how many blogs are out there where so much is said and so little seen. For example, the PhD received no comments at his blog.

    When it comes to Israel, he seems long past gone, a prisoner to one sided narratives that have taken hold of academia starting in the 1970s. He is far from alone.

    The PhD seems to adopt the secular utopian strain of anti-Zionism that opposes Israel because it symbolizes a system based on capitalism and nation states. Israel, and Jews, are simply part of the greater struggle to achieve a just, universal and multicultural society of peoples.

    This strain Orwell and others warned about. It is not utopia at all. It will coerce its vision on the rest of us because it happens to know what is best for humankind.

    Then there is religious strain, with European and Islamic components. Besides rejecting Christ, the former sees Jews an evil people plotting to control the planet, while Islam has made Jews the existential enemy that must be erased to reach salvation.

    All three variants mentioned have a penchant to be totalitarian. They all borrow from each other and conflate animosity between Israel and Jews under the rubric of anti-Zionism, each for their own purposes.

    Ironically, Jewish utopians seem to think that they are not also targets of those they help. They believe that everyone wants their version of utopia, but the reality is that many, many millions have a much different picture in mind, and intend to achieve it by means of aggression.

    I agree with the overall take that, despite claims to the contrary, anti-Zionism is pro-war in practice.

  3. "They must know that Israelis, like free people everywhere, will fight to the death before they see their precious state destroyed and replaced by an abomination like the regimes that oppress the people of Iran, Syria, Gaza and a dozen other places. So would Australians."

    And so have been/are the Palestinians, those "oppressed" people of Gaza, to the best of their ability they fight, and who can blame them, we'd all do the same, as the above claims.

    But it would appear the Zionist mindset cannot come to terms with the fact the Palestinians are human just like everybody else, who get pissed off when their land, livelihoods and dignity are violated in such a premeditated and callous manner: The Business Plan.

    And to justify this property theft Zionists twist their intellectual brains in knots in an ever failing attempt to defend the indefensible by writing meaningless rubbish with the intention to distract the reader from the guts of the problem.

    Israel's sneaky way of stealing land which violates International Law:

    "This is how they do it. Establishment of the settlements violates international humanitarian law. Israel has ignored the relevant rules of law, adopting its own interpretation, which is not accepted by almost all leading jurists around the world and by the international community."

    And that is the guts of the issue as seen by more and more ordinary people across the globe. Zionists can go blue in the face accusing all an sundry of anti-semitism (a worn out tactic) , but it will never change the reality that in practice Zionism is an intrinsically racist political movement, and more are seeing it for exactly what it is:

    A calculating and callous extreme ideology.

    "As late as 1943, while the Jews of Europe were being exterminated in their millions, the U.S. Congress proposed to set up a commission to "study" the problem. Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was the principal American spokesperson for Zionism, came to Washington to testify against the rescue bill because it would divert attention from the colonization of Palestine.

    This is the same Rabbi Wise who, in 1938, in his capacity as leader of the American Jewish Congress, wrote a letter in which he opposed any change in U.S. immigration laws which would enable Jews to find refuge. He stated:

    "It may interest you to know that some weeks ago the representatives of all the leading Jewish organizations met in conference ... It was decided that no Jewish organization would, at this time, sponsor a bill which would in any way alter the immigration laws."

    1. Theo,

      can you please tell us how it is that a people so utterly oppressed as the "Palestinians" have refused every single offer of statehood since 1937?

      One might begin to suspect that what they want is not a state of their own in peace next to the Jewish one, but a state of their own in place of the Jewish one.

      By the way, unless I am somehow entirely misreading you, it is clear that you have no regard for the ongoing difficulties of the Jewish people... difficulties that result in blood and that are ultimately promoted by such as yourself.

    2. btw, I lost much of my family in the Holocaust due to acidic notions of "race."

      For you to then claim that when Jews come together after the greatest genocide in human history is "racist" is nothing less than a disgusting form of malice toward my people.

      I bet you consider yourself "left-wing," dontcha?

      Such compassion.

      The truth is, good sir, you are a monster and if I were geoffff I would ban your vile ass.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Justin, I just deleted your vile ass to hell. Not so much because the post was deeply offensive but because it was so bloody boring. You must have posted that same bunch of "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" - style forgeries, fake quotes, and general horseshit Jew demonising crude war propaganda at least ten times before in one place or another.

      Anywhere that will let you get away with it, it seems.

      I once googled a sentence that Justin said was taken from Theordore Herzyl's diary. It was also among the crap I just blew out of this blog's arse. Herzyl's diary? I've never read it. I don't believe I've ever seen a copy. You would have to be a serious scholar of early Zionist history to have read Herzyl's diary as well as his work written for publication. Does Justin strike anybody as a serious scholar of Zionism?

      Anyway there were about 20 000 references and I checked the first six or so pages. Not one linked to any even remotely reliable source. No books, university papers or even a person with a name. It was like a directory of every crank, antisemitic, conspiracy theorising, alien abducted, way out weirdo bunch of nutters in the world and like Justin (aka "Theo Herzyl" aka "j" aka "the albatross" aka ...) they usually prefer to stay anonymous.

      Justin I do not know what you are hoping to prove by posting that noxious muck here. Do you really think you are going to impress anybody around here? If you want to enter into a serious, or even light hearted discussion on the issues then you are welcome. It would be appreciated if you made some sort of good faith attempt to inform yourself on the subject but even that is not essential.

      If on the other hand your only intention is to upset and offend people whose knowledge of the subject is so far superior to yours, often with good cause, you might as well be illiterate, then you can piss off.

    2. Yes Geoff, but what about the subject matter:

      Ethnic cleansing.

      Zionist collusion with Nazi Germany.

      If you know so much about it then refute the historical documents and historians - rather than trying to neutralise the messenger.

      Table what you have lad - so far you have offered nothing, squat, zip, zilch - only ad hominem and distraction .

      The silence is telling indeed.

      BTW, it would be very easy to block me, please.

  5. Why Geoff, was the removed post a little bit too painful for a self described true blue neocon Zionist? A little bit fascist hey mate.

    Exposing massive censorship by the ZIONISTS, (jidf - The Jewish Internet Defense Force) they're trying to silence anybody speaking against Israel policies and treatment of Palestinians. this includes among others those denouncing AIPAC Zionist control of Washington..

    Pressure Groups and Censorship:

    “The chronic failure to inform viewers and listeners that material has been cleared through the Israeli Military Censor amounts to a form of systematic distortion. It gives the impression that what is posing as information is coming to you ‘free and clear." — Filmmaker Tom Hayes

    Denying Nazi-Zionist collusion:

    In The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust, Israeli historian Tom Segev quotes Zionist leader and future Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion: “If I knew that it was possible to save all the [Jewish] children of Germany by transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second.”

    Segev writes that Ben-Gurion worried that ‘the human conscience’ might cause various countries to open their doors to Jewish refugees from Germany and saw this as a threat, warning: ‘Zionism is in danger.’”

    "You can deny reality, but you can't deny the consequences of reality." ~ Ayn Rand

    Geoff, you are what they call a Nazi Collusion Denier.

    There ya go mate you can censor this one as well.

    Reality, it's a bastard, you just can't make it go away.