Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Chainsaw" Justin Saturday

Photo: Justin Obode

A picture of someone's feet that "Chainsaw" has been trying to pass off as his.

We have no idea whose they are, the poor soul. But given there are ten toes, are not especially hairy and there are no visible scales we can be absolutely certain they are not Justin's.


  1. Damn, exposed again. You bastard, how did you figure out them toes are fake.

    I went to a very expensive cosmetic surgeon (Dr. Eduard Wirths,) recommended by my Jewish GP - should I ask for my money back?

    Life is getting tough, first Kath outs me, and now you Geoffff. This is nothing more than anti-justinism - the worst "ism" of all.

    I make up only about 1/7,000,000,000 of global population, I'm feeling persecuted.

    The hair on my legs is real but.

    BTW, I finally remembered my password, not bad for a dead bloke.

    Cheers mate, great pic of the osprey, not an albatross but beautiful nevertheless.

  2. My GP is a Muslim. Great little bloke.

  3. Eeeekkkkkk!

    How did I miss this?

    *Scratches head*

  4. I saw those sexy legs sometime ago.. ;)

    Think it was on the now defunct WD.

    I'm a legs lady.. :)

  5. Yeah, quite right Kathy.

    That's where I lifted the leg. Lifted both in fact.

  6. Who the fuck is that Theo guy?

    If I were you Geoffff I'd ban him, better still I'd crucify him (along with his toes), shame about the name butt.

    Would anybody like very hungry, and extremely annoying stuffed bear?

    Oh, BTW, you might not like this but Benjamin Bear's mate, the giraffe is named Geoffrey (but never Geoff) - my son gave it to me years ago - he was going to throw it out - but I rescued it.

    Geoffrey doesn't drink (he already know he's stuffed) and on the whole has been a very well behaved giraffe - unlike Xiao Xiao.