Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making A Pest Of Myself at the Greens Blogs

Just posted this to here.

You’re no longer claiming to be an expert on Israel?
Funny how the Greens have suddenly shut up about BDS and the “one state solution”.
Nothing to do with the fact Chomsky and Finkelstein have condemned BDS as an antisemitic cult? Which of course it is. Even your own guys say so.
A bit hard to claim you support “freedom”, I suppose, when in fact you are advocates of war, robbing Israelis (including Arabs) of all their civil and political rights for no other reason than they are not Dhimmis, keeping Palestinians on display in cages in Arab countries like animals in a zoo, terrorism, the brutal oppression of women, gays, religious and ethnic minorities and nasty ugly theocracies (such as Hamas) run by superstitious, ignorant and violent men.
The Greens have had their Marrickville moment. The fact you came out openly for genocide will not look good in an election year. We won’t forget.
Hypocrites. We can not accept a single thing you say on any subject.

Awaiting "moderation".  A huh.


  1. In fairness, Geoffff, they only claim to support freedom for all Australians, the latter defined only as Aboriginal Australians.

    In that context, your comment would be deemed off topic.

    I do enjoy their indignation at Aboriginals living in the remote regions and camps not being allowed to "live, work and play" however they choose.




    She's joking, right?

    I've read enough about how they live and play to make me physically ill. Not so much about how they work, of course.

  2. Freedom? Sure is off-topic for these people.

    I haven't been to this blog for quite a while and haven't attempted to comment there before; figuring it would be a waste of time. I noticed it attracted a bit of traffic, including some comments from Green MPs, such as Jeremy Buckingham, who is one of the saner of that mob. A while back Buckingham joined BOTH the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Palestine AND Parliamentary Friends of Israel (the only Green member). They really gave him stick for that.

    Last time I was there this blogger's description of herself included a reference that she had a special interest and knowledge (she's 26 for chrissake!)on "Israel and Palestine" and indeed if you check at her tags menu there is the usual unhealthy obsession.

    Thing is Caz, she has deleted all reference to this from her front page pedigree AND you can see there has been no mention of Israel/Palestine on her blog since before Christmas (ever since that appalling and offensive "Freedom Carols for Palestine", stunt). I find this fascinating.

    The "interest" they have for the rights of "Indigenous Aussies", and especially their outspoken and occasionally racist opposition to any form of intervention is also fascinating. There people are inner city radicals, invariably Melbourne and Sydney, and it is unlikely they have ever seen let alone met an "Indigenous Australian". I know a little about Aboriginal people, having once worked as a defence lawyer in their communities in Queensland for a while albeit many years ago.

    The Aboriginal people need rescue. That is the only way we can help them achieve freedom. Compassionate intervention and strong support for their good leaders (and there are many good leaders as well as corrupt ones).

    The Greens will never understand that because for them this is only about political tokenism. An opportunity to get all smug and supercilious. They don't give a damn about the Aborigines. They care for them even less than do the Palestinians.

  3. They care for them even less than they do for the Palestinians.

  4. She has a long list of "published" work under one of her tabs, which is revealing of a long list of youthful, blissful, naivety and narrow vision (eg, Manning should just walk free! Yeah, right.)

    Chalk it all up to youthful ignorance and youthfully unoriginal passionate opinions, with not much of anything holding it up. That's the benefit - and embarrassment - of youth.

  5. My comment didn't get published either, so you're not so special, Geoffff!

  6. Geoffff..Welcome to the world of blogging.

    Welcome to the Greens world, where they only publish what they want to be seen and not the truth.

    Welcome too to the world of Kate Ausburn, who's a friend of Peter Boyle and dear Anthony Loewenstein

  7. Thanks Shirl. I didn't know the connections but am not surprised. I'm well aware of the heavy political censorship on these sites which reaches as far as the ABC. They hate criticism and fair criticism most of all. It is consistent with an authoritarian view of the world and an elitist view of themselves.

    Anything that you posted to these sites that was not put up please feel free to post here.

    Caz I overlooked your post of 14 March so I'll put this on your blog. If you can find the comment Kate Ausburn did not publish or even kept it, or remember what it is about, unlikely I know, then post it here if you want.

    If I get a few of these I will put it on the front page. (see how quickly I'm picking up this blogtalk? Neat hey ?)

  8. No, did not keep the comment, Geoffff - should have cross-posted here, but forgot to copy it.

    I do recall querying her berating we white folk for supporting political interference in how our Aboriginal communities in the outback work, live and play (jeez I get sick of faux outrage over "our" hundreds of years of "brutal" "colonisation"); a range of other points, but cannot remember.

    Kate has comments open on all of her threads, but seems to never receive comments. I think we can deduce that the level of censorship exercised by the blog owner is very high indeed. Either that, or no one reads her, and you've given her a one-off boost to her page hits!

  9. You'll notice that many of the 'loony left's' Youtube videos are censored too. Again, they only want to hear, what they want to hear.

    Ma'an News, which is in the "Palestinian Territories" wherever they may be, used not to publish all comments, until a year or so back when I had quite a run-in about it with the Editor. I have it on igoogle RSS Feed.

    You need to get stuck in there. There are some virulent racist/antisemites that post on it. I have great fun there (with sarcasm)