Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ABC Unleashed

I spoke too soon. The ABC has unleashed the usual Israel bashing poisonous nonsense that always pours from the public broadcasters from the same nasty little men whenever Israel carries out an act of self defence.

You have to admire the surgical skill that Israel can deploy against these cowardly gangsters. Also the Israelis intelligence on the ground in Gaza must have the murder gang bosses jittery. The gangsters only managed to murder two of their shields before departing this world for all eternity. Unless of course the Big Bounce theory is right. In which case we will be waiting ...


  1. Maybe this link will work.

    Get an eyeful of the comments. There's something ugly indeed about the Australian left. Something rotten at the very core.

    1. The problem is a semi-digested post-colonial theory that divides the world into Good Guys and Bad Guys. The Good Guys are poor people of color (such as the "Palestinians") and the Bad Guys are Europe, the United States, Australia, and particularly Israel.

      Since the Good Guys are Good Guys they can only do good things. Even when they chop the heads off of three month old baby girls, it is because the Evil White Oppressors made them do it.

      The Bad Guys, of course, can only do bad things. Thus when Israel goes into Haiti to help them out after that terrible earthquake, the Left will tell you that it is, at best, for the PR value and, at worst, to steal organs.

      Keep up the good work here, mister, and I will look forward to seeing you at my joint.



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