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Flushing Out Racists Hiding As Progressives


The blog sometimes plunges into the open sewers of the Australian racist antizionist  left to confront the ignorant and gutless head on. Man to man so to speak. 

Or in the case of the low rent mob who populate New Matilda, man to sissy.

It's filthy work but really some one needs to do it. Otherwise some could get the idea that this crazy jarring antisemitic narrative has gone unnoticed and unchallenged.  

The leading site of the genre is New Matilda where this blog has been dropping comments for years. You can see for yourself how much they hate me. Naturally I wear this as a badge of honour. 

Take a look at this. 


27 Jun 2015

We Lost Another Reader, But At Least He 

Threatened To Sue Us First

By Chris Graham

New Matilda recently tightened up its commenting policy. Not everyone appreciates it. Chris Graham explains.
There’s a well-worn theory in the media that if both sides of a debate hate you, then you’re probably doing something right.
Last month, we banned reader ‘Kevin Charles Herbert’ from our site after he posted comments on a story which promoted Holocaust denial (NM has very strict rules on this… you can read them here).
Mr Herbert subsequently threatened to sue us for defamation… and you can read that romping tale, including the correspondence, here.
But that was way back in ‘May’. Now it’s ‘June’. And what month in independent media would be complete without another legal threat from another angry reader.
Introducing ‘Geofffff’, also known as ...., a regular and enthusiastic New Matilda commenter. Or at least he was.
‘Geoffff’ is well known on our site for taking on Holocaust deniers. That’s the part about him we like. In particular, he was an occasional sword crosser with Mr Herbert, and was particularly pleased when Mr Herbert’s account was deleted.
Which is why this next bit is so ridiculously ironic.
Last week, Geoffff accomplished the same feat after posting an abusive comment at the bottom of a Michael Brull article, in which he called our beloved columnist an “ignorant creep”, a “dickhead” and a “brain dead coward” (and yes, more irony, it was a Brull piece which provoked the response from Kevin Charles Herbert as well).

Yes. That's a transparent parody of the front page of our dear and much loved blog. Me too. The rude bastards.

Image result for chris graham
Head Wanker
They deleted my account which means that every comment that I have ever made has also been deleted. This is something out of Einstein. Expunged from the pages of history, as it were, exactly what they keep on saying they want to do to Israel and the Jews. 

Ordinarily I would be annoyed by such rudeness and contempt for other people's property but this is New Matilda, we should not forget. 

Who cares if they delete your comments from the start.? All they are doing is proving your point.   Besides their readership is tiny and slipping. You can see how much advertising they attract. They depend on donations and subscriptions, probably stoked up by the Greens party, Australia's first populist fascist party since the New Guard of the thirties.

I'm  not going to waste too much breath on this but it will come as no surprise that everything Graham says is a lie. I did not edit a comment after it had been deleted. I did not threaten this sad little man with litigation after I was defamed and I certainly did not applaud the taking down of another commenter's account after this wanker accused him of being a Holocaust denier. (As if Graham would know one when he saw one. A startling feature of the modern left is how profoundly ignorant they are).

I do not regard calling out the racism of the left for what it is, abuse. This thing is far too serious for abuse. They call that abuse? That 's not abuse.

I've been called a Nazi, a Zionazi (numerous times) racist, again and again, Hassie? and other things too choice to mention in Graham's public boards without any demur from Graham (or for that matter me).

That's abuse.

Who cares?

That's the language of this debate. This is after all a cold war.

That's one thing. Nasty, malice driven defamation is something else.
Besides, like a sez you howling creepy little kid, Graham accuses me of defaming his resident antisemitic Jew. 

This is because he know nothing at all about antisemitism and the law of defamation. Nor do any of his comrades, it goes without saying. How could they be expected to? They are of the left and sucked in antisemitism with their mothers' milk.

How can you defame an antisemitic Jew?

This is  from the resident self hater complete with applause from the stoker in charge.

Michael Brull once said that to defend the human rights of women in Muslim lands and  condemn the abuse of women and girls;  mutilation, beatings, executions, slavery and honour murders in a forced second class somewhere between livestock and human beings, is "cultural imperialism" .

That one even made Elder of Zion.

13 Jun 2015

Michael Brull's Media Recommendations For

 Everything You Need To Know About The 

Middle East

By Michael Brull

One of the nation’s most informed commentators on the Middle East, Michael Brull offers his insights into the ‘must reads’.
A lot of Australians don’t know much about the Middle East and don’t know how to learn more. I think there’s something to be said for deeper reading on the subject, to make sense of what’s happening today. But there are also media outlets and analysts worth reading, which offer news and insight, and below I review some I’d recommend to readers.
As a general source on the Middle East, I have long been a fan of the UK’s Independent. I think its reporters show an unusual level of independence and intelligence. It’s home to Robert Fisk, who won international acclaim for his reporting on the Middle East, particularly his work on the Lebanon Civil War, Pity the Nation. Sadly, Fisk seems to have declined as a reporter in recent years.
However, the Independent does have another singularly brilliant journalist on the Middle East: Patrick Cockburn. Cockburn has been reporting on Iraq with distinction since before the invasion began in 2003, and has also done excellent – in my view, the best – reporting on Syria since the uprising broke out there.
Rather than reciting the propaganda interests of this side or that, Cockburn consistently offers his own shrewd and insightful analysis. He began writing a book on the rise of ISIS before the West noticed its victories, and wound up publishing the first study on them in August 2014. For those who want to understand the rise of ISIS, it is essential reading.
For more general news reporting on the Middle East, Al Monitor has reporters from a range of countries and backgrounds. The reporting quality can vary, but is a good resource, and has had some outstanding reporting and analysis.
For commentary and analysis on the Middle East for lay readers, Informed Comment is a great resource. Run by Middle East academic specialist Juan Cole, it often features guest commentary. It’s designed to be accessible to American readers who are not assumed to have a lot of background knowledge. Cole is a very intelligent and well informed analyst, with wide-ranging knowledge. He also speaks several languages, including Arabic and Persian. Politically, he is not a radical – he identifies as a liberal Democrat.

"Everything you need to know". 

Can you believe this? 

Literally thousands of books, histories, academic studies, personal eye witness  accounts and enough analysis  to sink  the Arc but as far as  Graham and Brull  are concerned, the fraction of one percent of this output put out by antizionist "scholars"  with a well trodden market is "everything you need to know". 


Nothing defines the antisemitic Stalinist  left better that one phrase.

Let's hear it again. Let it ring.

Everything you need to know. Brought  to you by the Australian left.

Did I mention they are a pack of wankers?

I'm pleased to report  they don't like that. Do go here if you want to tell them something .Then consider posting what you said here. 

You can be certain it will not be deleted.

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  1. Hi geoffff,

    I just quickly looked into this 'New Matilda' .... first time ever and did not stay long, life's too short:

    I dont know what's more offensive - their low-brow ad hominems, their masturbatory self-promotion or their soul-killing predictability. I mean anyone who not only feels the need to "brag" with a "Wendy Bacon" as if that was a good reference (wasn't she the less-than-ethical "professor" of the inciting some administrative mole to publish personal details of the PM's daughter?) and the other frightening Emily Lister, Margo Kingston, did not experience enough love in their childhood.

    Cowardice is also so typical of their ilk eg they dont even have the minimum courage of calling the devil that rides them by the real name: Judenhass - or if their limitations extend to linguistics: "Jew Hatred". They think that when they hide behind the increasingly see-through fig-leaf of "Anti-Zionism" that makes it look better. And then, what's wrong with Zionism anyway? You could chose worse company that that of Moses himself.

    As to responding to the pack who call themselves "progressive", when they are really REgressive, I am in two minds about it: Is acknowledging them giving them undeserved attention, as they cannot be redeemed, or is ignoring them helping the cancer to spread? I dont know...

    I often say that "to say nothing is to say yes", but there are limits to one's time: I do know that I shall not return to that "Mathilda" - the stench is too overpowering, they will not change, and they dont deserve my time.

    1. G'day Rita,

      I see exactly where you are coming from of course and I'm starting from the exact same place.

      I do what I so because I take a close interest in the "Leftist" (as they define themselves) mind including the psychology of the extremist bigoted mind.

      What we are seeing is a classic performance of the product of cognizant dissidence and I find that interesting. There is no doubt that pointing out that someone is supporting or espousing a double headed racist.ideology that can lead no where but war does not tinkle with some people. The anger does not bother me in the slightest. I don't usually share it but I look for the anger in them. I take it as a sign I'm doing something.

      They don't like the "antisemitic Jew" label I've been using a lot. They kind of liked "self- hating Jew" I noticed but they really get fussed up about pointing out they are are really just antisemitic Jews in a long line of them and therefore they provide no cover for anybody at all.. That really gets up their noise.

      That nearly always has to be done in the third person. Antisemitic Jews don't engage with "Zionists" like me. Courage after all is not a quality you would ever associate with antizionist activists trading as Jews howling at Israel from Sydney or Melbourne and besides it hurts their shell like ears.

      They get really mad and they don't like it.

      The people who succor and protect are fast to the defense naturally. They feel their pain and show it.

      Also I do it to wedge them. You may have noticed I am not a friend of the Greens Party. A lot of Greens and trendy lefties in the middle some of them Jews don't like the thought of being thought of having a racist foreign policy and might stop missing meetings

      Certainly the Greens factions that control New Matilda don't want the message to get through to the base. They have deleted comments, some of them 200 words long that have been on their comment boards for years I guess. That shows a certain determination to keep the message from the people

      This is politically incorrect ideology and opinion retrospectively. None of it was abusive but a fair bit of it was pretty sharp. . . .

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