Monday, June 22, 2015

Racism and the Antisemitic Left.


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Just Another Jewish Antisemite

You really do need to read this to get an idea of what is going down in the world. 

The Australian Left supports this ideology.  They overlook every evil in the world to pound this Jew bashing pinhole view of the planet with such force that you really do not have to think too hard about what we are seeing before our eyes.

We only need to understand how dangerous it is. 

Sooner or later this mongrel nazi mindset will have to be confronted head on. We all know where it starts.  None of us can say for sure how it ends. No more apologies for sleazy fascist racism in the guise of religion would be an excellent move right now.

No more excuses for sleazy fascist racism in the guise of reformist politics would be the perfect second step on the floor.

We need to be very clear about the Australian Left. We know who they are. Racists and antisemites to the core, especially the Jews.   It's a shameful thing to have to admit but it is an important thing that has to be said.

There is no worse racist than an antisemitic Jew.

Never mind climate change. This thing has the potential to blow us all sky high. 

Palestinian Cleric Pounds ‘Penis Ads’

Preacher says Israel and the Jews using ‘sex craze’ to crush Arabs, CIA spreading mind-control drugs in region

Illustrative image of size measurement.

A Palestinian cleric told television viewers that Israel has spread a “sex craze” around the world and that Jews, being interested only in material worth, place offensive advertisements for penis enlargement products in the media that “crush” the spirits of Arabs and Muslims.

Sheikh Imad Yaaqub Hamatu made the comments in a June 12 broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV. An English translation of parts of his televised sermon was provided by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research (MEMRI) Institute, a non-government media watchdog.

“The global media of Israel has expanded and it has launched its war against the Arab and Muslims by spreading the sex craze throughout the world,” Hamatu declared. “As I have said in a previous lesson, Israel has resorted to this sex craze in order to crush all types of spirit among the Arabs and the Muslims.

“Everything is dead among the Muslims except for their urges,” he lamented and then expanded on the subject. “That is why we have begun to see all sorts of abominations and shamelessness on many TV channels. We see ads for penis enlargement and for all sorts of things, which are shameful and offensive to one’s modesty. Why is this? Because as said in the Quran, the Jews are the people of matter, not of spirit.”

For Jews, “only material things have value,” Hamatu warned, and offered an interpretation of the Quran quote “you shall find them to be the people most eager to protect life”: “The Quran did not say ‘their life,’ just ‘life,’ life of any kind — life in the garbage, a life of cowardice… they [the Jews] only care about staying alive.”

“What has Israel contributed to the world except for moral corruption and addiction to pills?” he asked.

Hamatu also claimed that the CIA uses drugs to control the minds of people in the Middle East.

“In a previous lesson, I have said that there is a unit in the CIA, called the Unit for Controlling the Global Mood,” he said. “They look at the map and decide what (drug) is suitable for Gaza, Jordan, or Syria.”

“Perhaps Tramadol? Happy pills, maybe? Hallucinogens?” he pondered, revealing a certain familiarity with recreational narcotics. “They are produced in India, imported to Israel, and distributed here in the Sinai.”

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There's A Lot Of It Around
 Source       "Political  Uncommom Sense"

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