Monday, December 15, 2014

Hostages Taken In Heart Of Sydney CBD

From Uncommon Sense

Probable Muslim terror attack in Sydney CBD underway right now - Mon morning 15 December

Martin Place, Lindt café, Sydney.

A number of hostages (possibly about 20) have been taken in a siege in Sydney's CBD.

At least three people can be seen through the windows of a cafe in Martin Place with their hands raised.

An Islamic flag has also been seen hanging in the window of the Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

Witnesses have reported hearing loud bangs that sounded like gun shots.

One block of Martin Place has been cordoned off between Elizabeth Street and Phillip Street.

Dozens of police cars are at the scene and one police officer has drawn his gun.

Police have urged members of the public to avoid the area.

Let us hope and pray for a safe resolution. Maybe this will wake up our apathetic general public about the inevitable hard end of the effects of Islamisation in a western democracy.

A screengrab apparently showing a jihadi flag being flown inside the Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

Muslim terror event now going for just over 3 hours.

Note: Mobile phone services have been shut down in part of Sydney CBD. So you may have difficulty reaching places/people.

Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane said he believes there are 40 to 50 people inside the cafe, including customers and staff.
Other reports are suggesting there may only be 13 hostages.
Central CBD closed. Trains not stopping at Martin Place.
Hostages were seen holding the flag, which has white text that says: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God."


Dozens of heavily-armed police officers wearing protective clothing and helmets have taken up positions in the area with guns drawn.

Witnesses have reported hearing loud bangs that sounded like gun shots.

end of  Uncommon Sense report. 



From press conference with NSW Premier and Police Commissioner  2 00 pm

There is at least one gunman and heavily armed. If there were gunshots there was no mention of this.

The number of hostages is described as "undisclosed" . I don't think they have any idea. This is an up market coffee shop in the middle of the financial district and it would be peak business. I saw an estimate from the business owner of a number that is scary.

There has been no "direct" contact and therefore any demands are unknown. 

Get this. . A journalist at the conference asked "there's a flag with white writing being held at the window by a hostage. What does it signify?"

Says Commissioner (breaking into a sweat and changing colour)

"We do not know at this point the nature of this and our experts are working on it."

The Premier had just reassured us that the Police are all over this, thoroughly trained and the "best in the world". 


  1. Lindt has resisted (so far) the Halal Certification Blackmail. I think they could to with some patronage right now - and their chocolates are soooooooooooooo much better than the halal-infected Cadbury stuff.
    And yes - "the nothing to do with islam" lie was quickly dusted off yet again, and the "muslims-fear-a-backlash-from-the-racist-Australians" hashtag bolsheviks went into action even while the REAL victims were still being terrorised by the MUSLIM TERRORIST.
    arrrrghhhh !

    1. I just bought six boxes (wine bottle shaped) of Lindt chocolates which I am giving to friends for Christmas presents. Why not?

      Are there people surprised that I give Christmas presents? Of course I do. Every year since I can remember. Just not to Jews is all. No big deal.

      Thank you for your comments Rita.