Sunday, December 14, 2014

Caroline Glick Shoves It Up Pompous Smug-Ugly Danish Ambassador

Now do you get it?

Europe sets a standard for Israel that massively exceeds anything it has or would ever accept applies to it. Unless this is about capitulation. The surrender of the civilisation, which it may well be. In that case Europe is on its own. It's a case of you first.

Whatever it is, Caroline Glick is right on the mark. At the core of this is a really creepy obsession with the few million Jews left in the world. 

Beyond that is the nasty anti-Arab racism deeply rooted in declaring that Israelis must be held to a higher ethical standard than Arabs. How often have you heard that?

Why? I don't get that.

You would have to be serious racists to declare Arabs to be of a lower moral order so as to excoriate Israel on grounds that for them would be unimaginable. That I think is the problem.



  1. I hope the wonderful Caroline Glick will one day be Prime Minister of Australia.