Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is Antisemitism at "The Conversation" (Part 2)


Because you can obtain an Australian passport (immigration) or born to Jewish academics doesn't automatically make you a ordinary Aussie?
Is this family of post English/French et al intervention into Palestine late 1940's (formation of the state of Israel) Or European Jews... Palestinian Jews?
We have shown "no sympathy" for Australians (passports) that have ventured overseas and got caught up in "difficult situations"like David Hicks...under the Howard government!
The media want to play this because it can be used as an "election issue" Labor not looking after Aussies, that type of B/S!
The parents have gone to "ground" I don't believe they were kept in the dark re: his work therefore, the possibilities of extreme the name of Israel!
The west created "the state" and they have proven "terrorists" of the first order; and we expect what?
This issue is a waste of space and is being used for political purposes. Since the creation of the state of Israel "others" from the middle east have been rushing to get out of the area!
Australia if we support Israel we must expect (with other involvements in the middle east) people wanting refugee status...Abbott's hated boat people!

Peter Ormonde 
Peter Ormonde is a Friend of The Conversation.

In reply to Christopher Seymour
And bloody silent the family should be too - and they should be elsewhere.
Australians don't get themselves entangled with overseas intelligence operations aimed at murder. No different to being a mercenary - even if you are committed to the cause. And that is actually illegal here.
A quiet chat and we send all these folks home I reckon.

Peter Hindrup

Why is it that people can hold dual passports? Isn't it time that --- in thiis case --- Israeli/Jewish people made up their minds as to whether thay are Israeli or Australian citizens?
Why give anybody the comfort of, as in the case of Israelis, they stuff up the neighbourhood, knowing that when it finally explodes they can scammper off to Australia, or wherever esle they have a passport for, leaving the rightful owners to try and clean up the mess?
The question in this instance is why Australia handed out passports in four (sequential) different names. Surely the automatic response would be that this person is (was) misusing his Australian passport?
Some are bemoaning the lack of the Australian governments response, I wonder why they didn't simply cancel the man's passport.

mark delmege

self employed
In reply to Pat Moore
I have no desire to get into a Jewish/Israeli bashing exercise here but PM Gillard has made a point of appearing before Zionist establishments when she has made major speeches. I have often wondered why and can't think of any good reason. It certainly hasn't stopped the establishment from attacking her or the ALP.

Catherine Shirley

Appalling scenario for any person to be detained, ignored by the protection of the law of so-called democratic countries, then die alone in such circumstances.
However, I do question Zygier's upbringing in all of this. Why was he driven to take on the fight of the Jewish state when born and raised in a peaceful country such as Australia? What, or who, persuaded him to take on the fight of a foreign country? Was he simply brain-washed from childhood?
My heart goes out to his wife and small children, but wonder whether his parents will ever regret their decisions?

Peter Ormonde 
Peter Ormonde is a Friend of The Conversation.

In reply to Catherine Shirley
There's something dreadfully biblical in all this ... sacrificing one's son on orders from on high...
Here's what Netanyahu had to say:
"Without citing any specific case, Netanyahu told his cabinet he “absolutely trusts” Israel’s security services and what he described as the independent legal monitoring system under which they operated.
“We are an exemplary democracy…but we are also more threatened, more challenged, and therefore we have to ensure the proper operation of our security branches,” he said in remarks aired by Israeli broadcasters.
“Therefore I ask over everyone: Let the security services continue working quietly so that we can continue to live in safety and tranquility in the State of Israel.”
And this bloke believed him. So did his mum and dad. I wonder if they still believe it.
Safety and tranquility. Straight from the Book of Orwell.

Whyn Carnie

Retired Engineer
Pontificating on the way the jews run their country is not helpful.
They are proud and arrogant and nothing we say or do will divert them from their attemps at reasserting Judaism in the middle east.
What we Australians could pursue is how our Government aided and abetted in this shabby affair. We don't have to be like them. Come on Julia, try hard on this one, it may get you back a few votes.

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