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This is Antisemitism at "The Conversation"


Louise O'Brien

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In reply to Billy Field
It is all about 'Greater Israel.'
Basically Israel wants to steal the land belonging to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt's land up to the Suez Canal. This will make them the most powerful country in the region and it will put America in the most important location in the centre of world which is why the Americans are behind it.

Billy Field

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I saw something somewhere that this whole "Syria/Iran" "intervention" agenda is really about a "smokescreen" to divert attention from Israels "expansionist" & "refusal to settle with Palestinians" agenda.
When one considered it seems to be the "Israel fronts" & lobbies that seem to be doing pushing for this war on Syria (as it was for the Iraq invasion) one must suspect this is why the USA is seemingly backing the Syria rebels....
We need a settlement in Israel/Palestine foe everyone sakes...(except of course profiteers)....The USA can do this in 5mins by telling Israel it will stop "Aid" & do banking sanctions if they don't settle.....Lets move forward PLEASE....I suspect more money & benefit in trade than war for all!!
being and doing
In reply to Che Gorilla
Che Gorrilla I think you are incorrect in your assertions. The project to create a Jewish and Zionist state is long running and was largely financed through the patronization of Rothschild in France.
It is interesting to see them here and supporting the divisions that gave rise to the World Wars on the other hand. So they profit from the Nazi's and from the insertion of the Israeli state at the crossroads of the Eurasian continent.
Elsewhere in this comment stream it is established the manifest criminality of the USA Israel's main and contemporary sponsor. Rather than stabilize the region, the Israel state provides a point of friction and dirty tricks. In league with the USA it has established client relationships with Arabian states dividing the Arab/Muslim civilization. In allowing itself to be divided it shows it's own weakness.
Operation Cast Lead December 2007 White phosphorus;
In terms of legitimacy there appears no hope of negotiating a solution to the Palestine question. Israel has shown no clue that it wants a negotiated peace with the Arabs. The lands that remain nominally Palestinian on the ground are a long way short of the original proposals worked in the UN in the immediate post World War 2 period.
It is difficult to imagine or fantasize Arabia minus Israel as you pose the question. That's not what happened. However the tendency in the larger Muslim states was toward secular democracy. This has been thwarted by powers that prefer elite control.
So ignorance, blindness? To what? All regimes are ruthless in the pursuit of their interest. Yours merely has a large propaganda machine through which to trumpet its case. And obviously has blinkers in respect to its review of the historical record.
What is new in this? Enjoy your Succot, and your move out of the wilderness. The trick is to acknowledge the acceptance you received from the 19th century Palestinians and the treatment you meted out in return. Not much alters whilst we refuse the lessons of history.
Today's Palestinians, yesterday Philistines and Canaanites. Fundamental and theocratic exclusion are apartheid policies whomever wields them.

Peter Hindrup

In reply to Che Gorilla
‘I was about to write another post on the creeping racism in Australian universities, following the ANU's international hate meet this week,’
Hate meet? I guess that I must have fallen asleep, for I was there the entire time and I never heard any ‘hate’. More than a bit about international law and justice, though.
Your rant sounds a lot like the demand in The Australian that the conference ought to have included pro Israel speakers, ignoring the fact that included were Jewish speakers.
It is time that the Zionists understood that actions speak louder than words. Despite the massively funded Israeli PR machine and the recently announced half million US dollar fund set up to have students writing nice things about Israel on the social media and blogs, — find an Australian federal or US politician who has not been on an all expenses paid trip to Israel, or any journalist writing on international affairs — not one, not a single one has been taken across in to the West Bank or Gaza to show them the horrendous results of the Israeli brutality.
In the interests of balance would you not think that this was an absolute necessity?

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