Friday, May 17, 2013

The Hypocrisy of the Australian Greens


No human rights for women, religious minorities and gays.

If there were trophies for bigotry, superstitious ignorance,  racism and the oppression of women then the regime that rules Iran would take them all. Even the Guardian has difficulty with the persecution of the Baha'i  and the antisemitic and Holocaust denying gangsters of Tehran are notorious.

Iran is among the most egregious governmental violators of religious liberty and human rights. Its treatment of homosexuals is barbaric .Human rights organizations have  expressed alarm about the rise of sexual assault on women prisoners in Iranian jails.

Press TV is the official voice of this vile regime.

Given this record one might expect an Australian politician to take some care before giving Press TV an interview especially in the course of a demonstration ostensibly for human rights. Quite clearly Greens MP David Shoebridge has no such qualms.  

For him and the Greens human rights must mean something very different to what you might understand. Something very ugly indeed.

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  1. With any luck the Greens will be a slender version of their current selves following 14 September.

    They were destined to oblivion without St Bob at the helm.

    It will come to pass.

    Ironically, they've made themselves a target, shown their true colours, and also their irrelevance, by getting into bed with the ALP.

    Might be different at state level, but at federal level, they've only got a short lifespan left, which is for the best.

    1. Caz, I reckon we all have are own take on why the Greens are something that the mainstream parties should take this opportunity to rid us of this feeble minded menace but it all comes done to the same thing. The party's inability to sustain a rational and internally consistent thought.

      Apparently Shoebridge is gay which is something I did not know or care about but I found interesting given that he just gave an interview to Press TV, so I Googled it. I still don't know and I still don't care but he is according to his site spokesman (or something) for his party on gay and lesbian rights.


      This is Press TV we are talking about. This is the voice of the arseholes of Tehran themselves. Does he seriously not know who these people are?

      How on earth can you take the man or anyone associated with his party in the slightest bit seriously? Especially Gays?

      I reckon that's worth a post in itself.