Monday, May 13, 2013

Antizionists and other bigots in my valley


The "Insiders" Beacon on the Hill

Echonetdaily is the voice of of "progressivism" in the Tweed Valley and therefore almost never publishes what I have to say about "Palestine" and Israel. For them, this is a closed world where "Zionists" are evil and the "Palestinians", and all who support Palestinianism , are a light unto the nations.

In the tradition of "thinking locally and acting globally"  this blog will treat Echonetdaily with the same courtesy as it treats all soft and ignorant Jew-haters who would have us believe that the whole Middle East problem is because of the Jews.  

This letter was published today in their electronic newspaper. 

Gareth Smith, Byron Bay

It’s so good to see Byron Shire locals helping to relieve Ethiopia’s water crisis through their Wellwishers charity which has sunk 510 wells since 2002, changing the lives of 220,000 people: brilliant! (Echo,April 30).
Byron Friends of Palestine support the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) which, through its Maia (‘water’ in Arabic) campaign, has provided clean water to 16 large UN schools in Palestinian refugee camps and to 22 kindergartens in refugee camps, towns, and villages.
They achieved this despite Israel’s blockade of water purification units, destruction of Gaza’s electricity generating station and water infrastructure.
Operation Cast Lead, for example, destroyed or made unusable 800 of Gaza’s 2,000 wells and caused $5.97 million in damage to Gaza’s wastewater treatment  facilities.
While Israelis enjoy 300 litres of water/day per capita, Palestinians average about 70 litres/day against the World Health Organisation’s recommended 100 litres/day per person.
Access to clean water is a basic human right and Israel’s water deprivation tactics are a violation of international law which the world community should not tolerate.
Complete bullshit. As anyone in possession of the facts could tell you in a second.
Byron Bay. That would be right. Three times as many people have been killed in the Syrian civil war in the last two years than "Palestinians" in the war against Jewish nationhood and the Jews since 1948. The people at Echonetdaily seriously don't give a stuff about that. 
Che Gorilla replied on behalf of this blog and all decent people everywhere.
There are grave violations of international law in that part of the world. All of them are committed by Hamas, Fatah and their murderous allies.
The criminals are not the Israelis who provide water, power, food and medical services to the “Palestinian” population in massive quantities. The criminals are the “Palestinian” leadership who have viciously oppressed these people for decades. Do not be fooled into supporting these racist fronts for antisemitic propaganda.

Will Echonetdaily even publish this reply?
I doubt it. They never have. Maybe it is time to get in touch with their advertisers.  Now there's a Zionist conspiracy theory they can dine out on.


They did not.

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