Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progressives : Throwback Reactionaries To Wowser The Life Out Of The West


With some style Pat Condell has defined the new social class that has emerged from nowhere to rule us all just when we thought all that crap was behind us. The Progressives. Also known as Guardian Readers but definitely not liberals. 

More broadly and  politely Nick Cater would call the Australian version The Insiders. 

The Lucky CultureAbout to be published and already ordered. It's time to push back hard and this book could be a kick along. 

From Europe here is Condell with something blood curdling about where they are taking us. A great flourish at the end.

Islamism is winning the cognitive war -- thanks to manipulative and gullible journalists

Sweden tops European rape league

Sweden: A raped country

1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped

"Police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm"

The crisis in Swedish media

Honing anti-Semitism in France and Sweden

Sweden's Jewish community "dying of a thousand cuts". 


  1. "I like liberals, but I don't like progressives. Even lefties are okay, if they're the right sort of lefty, but progressives give me the creeps.

    Progressive sounds like a positive word, doesn't it, brimming with the promise of bright new tomorrows. In reality, it means moving gradually, progressively, bit by bit, towards an ever more regulated, controlled and less free society where group identity trumps all and every casual remark is a hate crime.


    I've also long noted how 'progressive' can mean anything, whether or not that 'progress' is positive or not.

    "A liberal is open to another point of view. To a progressive, there is no other point of view. If you're not progressive, you must be far right."

    Spot on.

    I can't sign onto the 'scum,' 'vermin' and 'cockroach' dehumanization stuff, and I'd like to think that if anyone can understand why it would be us. But regardless, his ultimate point is well taken.

    1. I say this as a proud, life-long and always-will-be liberal, btw. Just for the record. ;)

  2. He did not in fact call these two turds on wheels vermin, cockroaches and scum. Indeed he specifically said they were not and pointed out that this would be an insult to vermin, cockroaches and vermin.

    Where's the demonisation in that?

    I can understand his anger. It takes considerable courage to speak out like him and the murder attempt on his friend in his own home following his demonisation in the Scandinavian media is something from another era we might have hoped we had left behind.

    The two "journalists" of which he speaks are in my view appropriately described albeit probably with a surplus of words. The amount of detail in his description of the two gentlemen in question is indeed impressive to the point perhaps of even being excessive.

    Still. Best to be very clear about these things lest anyone be left in any doubt.