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Carter at Cardozo


Here's something different. 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (R) about to embrace Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh (L), in Gaza City, as the two discussed ending the international boycott of the Islamic, anti Israeli and anti American terrorist organization.
Kiss of Death

What is it with peace prizes? 

The Cardozo School of Law which is part of Yeshiva University is to award Jimmy Carter something called the “International Advocate for Peace” for a life time of work of some sort This is to be done on Wednesday 10 April 2013; a day that has already  begun here and is advancing relentlessly towards New York as we speak. 

Can there be anything done to stop this? Is it too late?

Let's be frank about this. Jimmy Carter is the US's worst ever president. Not just since the war or in the last century. Ever. I say that after some reflection.  His presidency was one long low howl of humiliation and shame for America and America's friends. It is a travesty of history to give him any part of the credit for the courageous initiatives of Begin and Sadat and the peace treaty it led to.  Begin and Sadat were the statesmen. Carter was an opponent of a "separate peace" and damn near sabotaged it.   It was  just one dumb and dangerous debacle after another and a reckless negligence that bordered on the criminal from this strange and creepy man.   

Then it got worse. 

After Carter was enthusiastically tossed  out of the White House by the American people at the first opportunity he has become America's most enthusiastic friend of America's enemies and America's most prominent slanderer of Israel. You can't be one without the other.

Here's a list.  

CAMERA Roundup of Commentary on Jimmy Carter’s Palestine: Peace not Apartheid
1987: Carter intervened to help a Nazi war criminal.
2006: Carter says that pressuring Hamas economically is immoral – but pressuring Israel economically is desirable.
2006: Jimmy predicts that Hamas will be a peaceful party and that they hadn’t had any terror attacks on the previous 18 months, an out and out lie.
2007: Carter quotes a fake Nelson Mandela letter to”prove” Israel is an “apartheid state”
2008: Carter claims that Palestinians in Gaza were being “starved to death” and received fewer calories a day than people in the poorest parts of Africa.
2008: Jimmy entreats Europe to ignore the official US position on Gaza terrorists and embrace them instead.
2009: Carter says Gazans are “literally starving.”
2009: Jimmy reportedly asks Hamas to “Help us to help Obama to overcome the Zionist lobby”
2009: Carter was revealed to have been against a separate Israel/Egypt peace agreement.
2010: Carter praised Palestinian Arab “democracy” but casts doubts on Israel’s democracy
2012: Carter blames the Jews for the Christian exodus from Palestine.”
2012: Liberal Jimmy Carter has no problem with Islamists in power in Egypt where they can implement misogynist and discriminatory laws according to their religious duties.
2012: Carter says that if Iran has one or two nuclear weapons, it is no big deal.
My favourite American lawyer Alan Dershowitz has much to say.and has offered to debate Carter at Cardozo.  Says Dershowitz
“I can’t imagine a worse person to honor for conflict resolution. Here’s a man who has engendered conflict wherever he goes. He has encouraged terrorism by Hamas and Hezbollah. He was partly responsible for Yasser Arafat turning down the Clinton-Barak peace offer,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner in an interview. Dershowitz wrote about Carter in his book “The Case Against Israel’s Enemies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace.”
“He is significantly responsible for the second Intifada. If he had told Yasser Arafat to accept that deal we might be celebrating Palestinian statehood today,” Dershowitz added. “He just prefers terrorists to Israelis.”
Read it all
 "Jimmy Carter has an ignominious history of anti-Israel bigotry. He is responsible for helping to mainstream the antisemitic notion that Israel is an apartheid state with his provocatively titled book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, the publication of which prompted mass resignations from the Carter Center. He has met numerous times with leaders of the terror group Hamas whitewashing their genocidal goals and undermining US efforts to isolate Hamas. And Carter’s record of slandering Israel is so voluminous that both CAMERA and Alan Dershowitz have written books refuting his lies."
What's to be done? The dean of the law school cannot attend the award ceremony if he is to distance the institution  from the award as he is being firmly counselled. Nor should the faculty. And the students?
Dershowitz has the best advice.
 "Students should attend the ceremony “and in a dignified and respectful way show contempt for Jimmy Carter,” he said. “Students should know who they’re honoring. The response to bad speech is good speech. You don’t cancel the event you use it as an educational opportunity to teach people about the evil things that Jimmy Carter has done.”"
.. in a dignified and respectful way show contempt for Jimmy Carter ...
Spoken like true lawyer. I suggest they quietly stand and turn their backs but under no circumstances should they throw their shoes. And the rest of us?
You can go to this site and vote on whether Carter deserves this award.
And then you can go this site and vote on who was America's worst president.

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