Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama administration doubles-down on the Muslim Brotherhood

Mike L.

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Here is Joe Biden at the AIPAC conference:
Only through engagement -- it’s only through engagement with Egypt that we can focus Egypt’s leaders on the need to repair international obligations -- respect their international obligations, including and especially its peace treaty with Israel. It’s only through active engagement that we can help ensure that Hamas does not re-arm through the Sinai and put the people of Israel at risk. It’s only through engagement that we can concentrate Egypt’s government on the imperative of confronting the extremists. And it’s only through engagement that we can encourage Egypt’s leaders to make reforms that will spark economic growth and stabilize the democratic process. And it’s all tough, and there’s no certainty. There’s no certainty about anything in the Arab Spring.
"Engagement" seems to be the word by which the Obama administration means giving the fascist and anti-Semitic government in Egypt billions of dollars in financial assistance, as well as Abrams tanks and F-16 fighter jets, in return for virtually nothing.

Biden was correct about one thing, however, there is no certainty about anything in the so-called "Arab Spring."  However, if this is the case, why did the administration cheer-lead it so enthusiastically?  It was obvious two years ago that these uprisings and riots and murders and rapes which we collectively know as the "Arab Spring" were maybe not such a good thing.  It seemed pretty clear, pretty early, that what we were seeing was not the rise of democracy under the leadership of westernized "Facebook kids," but the rise of right-wing Muslim theocratic fascism.

If I suspected this merely from reading the newspapers, how is it that Barack Obama did not?  This is not just some minor misstep by the Obama administration, but in fact an absolutely colossal screw-up of the very highest order.  This will be recognized as “an act of stupidity that will resonate for generations.”

And now they tell us that they must continue to give U.S. tax dollars to the Brotherhood in the hopes that they can reform it?  Really?  Is that how it works?, because I do not see much reformation of Hamas, which is the Brotherhood in Gaza.

Obama's foreign policy legacy will be that of assisting the Brotherhood and the rise of right-wing Islamic fascism in the Middle East.  In terms of foreign policy, the central question that future historians will ask themselves is how is it that an American president would support the rise of American enemies in a vital part of the world?  How is it that an American president was willing to undermine U.S. relations with a key ally there in order to facilitate the rise of political Islam?

These are among the key questions to ask and if you are not asking yourself such questions then you are not honestly evaluating the Obama administration.

If, in consideration of Obama's foreign policy, you cannot bring yourself to ask such questions then you are not analyzing the administration, but revering it.

Revery can be very nice in a dream-like sort of way, but neither revery, nor reverence, constitute analysis.  What they constitute in politics is sycophancy.

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