Friday, February 22, 2013

Giving The Greens The "One Nation Treatment" --- con't


Some time ago this blog had this to say about the Australian Greens.

The Greens are as dead as a belly up cane toad  on a country road in  winter

They just don't know it yet. These poisonous little critters can keep jumping for a while as every Queenslander can tell you. They are dead because they have been outed for the ugly gang of noxious extremists they are. More to the point the ALP has belatedly realised that the Greens are just as much their political enemies as they are enemies of the Australian people.

The alliance was a huge mistake for the ALP.  They  would have been better off in opposition.

The major parties must preference this vile mob of racists last. They owe it to the country to rid us of this inner city street vermin as soon as it can be done.

Meanwhile at Catallaxy Files on a recent open forum thread there was this observation on the Milne Press Club address that deserves to be reproduced in full. Without doubt the comment of the month on any blog.  

  1. Watching ABC 24 while having lunch, I noticed that someone had snuck up on Tubbsy while she was baying at the moon, shot her with a tranquiliser dart, and pointed her at the Press Club.
    And then the hilarity started.
    She tipped a gigantic bucket of purest sh*t on Gillard, then went into an abbottabbottabbott frenzy and chewed the carpet until her handlers cudgelled her back to the podium. Aside from humping every married unionist (one would not use the word ‘men’ for such creatures), screeched this Greater Australian Loon (Latrator Luna Vespertilio), The Lying Slapper is also humping the entire Australia mining industry, it howled. This was followed by a second abbottabbottabbott frenzy which saw severe damage done to a table-leg. Tasered once more into submission and secured to the podium with a dog-chain (rabid dogs for the restraint of), this thing tipped a second bucket of sh*t on to The Lying Slapper, snarling that ‘da twayta’ Gillard had walked away from her deal with the greenfilth to exchange bodily secretions with every miner in the nation, so The Lying Slapper could take her agreement with the greenfilth, fold it until it was all pointy bits, dust it with ground glass and ram it where the sun don’t shine. Sans lube.
    Brought up short by her tamer with a cattle prod to the freckle, Tubbsy went into a third abbottabbottabbott frenzy, savaging a chair and cocking her leg on the wall before guaranteeing both supply for the Slapper and the fastest possible double dissolution trigger for an incoming Abbott government by utterly refusing to permit the mining or carbon taxes to be repealed. After a final abbottabbottabbott frenzy which included hurling her own excreta at the walls, the creature demanded tremendous new spending on everything up to and including publicly funded fluffers for endangered species participating in critterporn movies.
    A gobsmacked media, cowering behind a barricade of upturned tables, threw the odd softball question at the snarling, spitting, bodily-waste hurling creature whirling as a dervish in front of them like a demented Tasmanian devil on crack, but most of the replies were an unintelligible sh*tstorm of broken wails and bestial screams. Among the word fragments heard were ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘carbintaxforevah’, ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘gaiagaiagaiaoioioi’, ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘juliarfatslagshagsminers’, ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘laborscumverminfilthracetraitorsHEILgaia’ and ‘abbottabbottabbott’.
    The creature’s handlers then returned her to her cage atop the parliament house flagpole, where the deep sound of her baying now echoes across Capitol Circle as she salutes the rising moon in the manner of her type of genetic reject.
    Mk50 of Brisbane
    19 Feb 13 at 5:53 pm
  2. So good to see there are others who have about as much esteem for this crowd as those around here and the eloquence to say so.

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