Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peace Activist Urges Jews To Speak Out


How could this blog resist an invitation like that ...

... delivered  free, frank and fair by those nice folk who bring us the Echonetdaily.

Israeli-born Palestinian-rights and peace activist Avigail Abarbanel continues to feel the wrath of family and Jews everywhere after turning against everything she’d been taught about the state of Israel and how it came into being.
But she is no longer afraid to speak out against her own ‘tribe’ and urges Jews everywhere not to remain silent and to speak up for human right and against injustice, especially in Palestine

And so on. Do be my guest.

OK here's the thing. I was not in room 2b of the Rainbow Serpent wing of the  Byron Bay Community Centre  at high noon on Saturday, in between the crystal jewellery weaving psychic healing class in 2a and the Gyuto monk peace chanting across the hall, in time for the great commune no Jew state touring book launch. This was because of a prior commitment and a life.  I regret this some now because I am a little curious. However it is a forty minute drive each way and that alone gave me a vague and uneasy feeling there was something unholy about the whole venture. I can't quite put my finger on it..  At least I still have my gold coin.

Anyway here's the Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill  critical review of the book with twenty five authors of the same ethnicity and indulged liberal backgrounds, and pretty much identical politics, all residents in the English speaking liberal democracies where they belong to the same cultural classes that host them and for which they produced the book to prove that they were done being a tribe. They are beyond that now.

The book looks a bit thin to me and that's just from the photo. The photo incidentally is as close as this blog is likely to  get. I've seen weightier promo brochures slapped together in a single night by a team a fraction that size and who still had plenty of time to cut the slides for the breakfast briefing. 


How many trees had to die to produce this pro-war street brochure?

The Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill critical review here.

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