Thursday, June 21, 2012

Humanity is Great


If you think there is no hope that the Arab Muslim world will ever snap out of the trance that has their societies sleepwalking in a Jihadist goose step towards the cliff  you should listen to this man, back in Israel for the first time in five years..

He could have been one of the most powerful terrorist bosses in the region. Instead he chose to be a human being.

hat tip Oldschooltwentysix


  1. Brave guy... and dead man walking.

    This raises the question, tho, is the problem a problem with "radical Islam" or is the problem with Islam, period?

    My default is the former proposition, but I do not know the truth.

  2. I reckon this particular brave guy is being welled looked after.

    He's more than just brave. There's an instinctive reflex against this guy because he was a spy for the enemy of his people and nobody likes them. A sort of Pollard only in reverse with a twist. Irrespective of the merits of Pollard all this misses the point. Son of Hamas is a hero of humanity and has something to say. I'm going to post more about him.

    I have a view on the "Islam" / "Radical Islam" issue and I'm going to post about that too. Australia's closest neighbour is Indonesia which is the world's most populous Muslim country. I used to be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. I see nothing in the religion of these people that is necessarily an existential threat to anyone despite vigorous efforts to get a bridgehead. At one time the country's president was a leading Islamic cleric. A gentle man without political skills but was friendly to Israel.

  3. Yeah, I hope he's got a great security team...

  4. Jay, in an interview a year or two ago he described how when he was on an operation in Gaza he was being protected by BOTH Hamas and Israeli undercover agents active in the same street. He reckoned he never felt safer.