Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Invasion of Europe

What can possibly go wrong?

We do not hesitate to condemn a sick political or social culture or a poisonous ideology if the people under their control and influence happen to be "white". Consider apartheid South Africa, Alabama in the sixties or Nazi Germany.

But if they are not "white"? Then they more than just hesitate. The press, the pollies, the police, the preachers and the professors cover up and deny. Anyone who does not join the groupthink risks being denounced as a "racist"


Can there be anything more racist than this? This is racism with a double edge.

Bigotry with twin blades . It cuts both ways and it cuts deep 


  1. The racism of low expectations......

    1. Indeed. Treat them as if they are children incapable of the moral insight that comes with adulthood. No racism there.

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