Sunday, May 31, 2015

News Flash! The Greens Are Out Of The Closet!


As if we already didn't know.

Officially racist, upfront, proud and letting it all hang out. 

I guess it just got too embarrassing to keep on pretending  it was a secret when the whole office knew all along anyway.

Check this out.

From Greens Party Aligned Independent News Site New Matilda

If you're not reading New Matilda then you can't really call yourself a Green. You may as well give back the card.

New Greens Boss Richard Di Natale Forced To Clarify Israel Stance

By Max Chalmers

In an apparent misunderstanding, the Greens' new leader aligned himself with Israel’s right wing Prime Minister. Members were not impressed. Max Chalmers reports.
New Greens leader Richard Di Natale has been forced to clarify his position on Israel and Palestine after apparently accidentally aligning his party with right wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
In a widely shared article in the Australian Jewish News, Di Natale was reported as saying that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.
Despite running under the title “Di Natale in his own words”, the Senator’s office today told New Matilda that the article’s opening line was not an accurate reflection of the Senator’s views.
“He had no intention for his comments to be interpreted as support for establishment of a “Jewish state”. It’s not a phrase that he used,” a spokesperson said.
According to his office, Di Natale simply agreed to a question put to him by journalist Gareth Narunsky, apparently missing the distinction being made

Do read on at that link.

Here is the core of the "clarification".

Consistent with Greens policy, I have always supported a peaceful, two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict that upholds the legitimate rights and aspirations of both the Palestinian and Israeli people to live in peace and security in their own independent, sovereign states. My comments in the AJN piece were intended to reflect that view and that view alone. I have never believed that the establishment of a ‘Jewish state’ (as opposed to an ‘Israeli state’) is conducive to this outcome and I absolutely do not support that goal


The blog is on the thread. It's about time they were told. More importantly, so do the people who vote for them.

There's nothing at stake except Australia and the planet.

 We need to know exactly what this party is proposing to give away and why the ideology that drives this mad policy is a threat to human kind and the environment that exceeds global warming by an order of magnitude that would take a room full of scientists, lawyers, historians, moralists and geopolitical experts a semester to calculate and that's if you weeded out the mad lefties who are most of the problem.

Yet it is a core policy. 

It is their only foreign policy except for something about the impact on whales of radar on US submarines and stuff about Japan on the same subject.

It was like dragging a rotten tooth out with a pair of pliers without an anesthetic but there is the filthy bloody thing in the bowl for all to see.

Never mind Gay marriage. Forget CSG. Sydney airport is so far off the radar you would need a Geiger counter and search light to find it. What the Greens are proposing should be done to Israel to fix the Middle East should be the number one election issue concerning this party.

It affects us all. More than you might care to think about. It affects us more than the Israelis who have shown time and again they know how to look after themselves even if some times it's a close and bloody call.  

This was not the first reaction but close to it.:

The Greens like to keep their conferences secret. No media. No attention.
But the Zionist Conspiracy managed to smuggle in a camera.
Here for the first time is film of the Greens in conference.
This time we are ready for you. Trust me with this.

To be cross posted at the usual places.

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