Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Filthy Disgusting Racism Of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Tonight I saw what would have to be the most racist broadcast I have ever seen on Australian television. I will wait until my anger cools a little but be on notice it is past time we called this for what it is. This is a publicly funded organisation. Our taxes go to pay this racist filth.

They need to be sorted. I am sick of this sick mob of bigots sucking for all they are worth on the public tit.

Foreign Correspondent  devoted its entire slab of public space to an attack on the Jewish state and its right to exist. There is no other way to describe it. To describe this as sheer bloody minded cowardice and sleazy,pig ignorant, runt brained, narrow minded stupidity would be to pay them a compliment they do not deserve.

Get this into your heads, racist ABC filth.

If you haven't got the guts to ask "Palestinians" why they do not accept that Israel has a right to exist as a sovereign state with sovereignty over her borders and population then you may as well be an organ of the Waffen SS.,

And that is the honest truth.

What do you want? Ever lasting war?

Maybe it is time you had some blood going down in this war as well. Past time.

Maybe that might help to sharpen your dull thick racist minds just a tiny bit.

Scum. Gutless and complete and utter scum.

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  1. And yet Abbott keeps funding them? Is TA a Trotskyist?