Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moses Was The First Zionist


This is courtesy of our dear friend, Rita. Passover is the festival of liberation. National liberation. There is nothing at all that is new about Zionism. It is tremendously important especially at a time like now when the storm clouds are once again on the horizon, green with envy, hate and hail, we remember that we have genuine friends. Friends that we can count on. 

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  1. THANK YOU :)

    "green with envy"

    Actually, looking at the caliber of Jew Haters*, I often think that "envy" is a large part of their motivation.

    (*) I dont use "anti-Semites" to avoid the irritating argument of "Arabs are Semites too" (meaning: "I like Arabs, so I'm not an anti-Semite"). I dont remember if I imagined it, or if Bob Carr really brought up something like this in one of his book-flogging interviews recently.