Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Message to the Offended From Pat Condell


The Australian debate over 18 C and the clash between basic values such as freedom of expression and the need to protect minorities from public vilification is not as black and white as either side would like you to think especially in a world where racist antisemitic politicians such George Galloway will threaten at the drop of a hat to sue you for pointing out that he is a racist antisemite. Or where full time antisemitic clergymen such as Stephen Sizer who harbour a medieval abhorrence to Jewish sovereignty anywhere but especially in Israel will call the police if someone suggests that his form of theological antisemitism is nothing more than Dark Ages bigotry deeply embedded in the extremist religious mind be it Christian or Muslim.

Nor is it anything new.

But the legal right to not be offended? No deal. That's where I part company. A day doesn't go past when I'm not deeply offended.  Often several times a day. I'd never be out of the courts.

Pat Condell on the subject and some references on what is going on in Britain where to burn a Koran is a crime that will lead to real jail time but to burn a Bible is nothing more than the lawful public expression of a point of view.

Britain: Islamists create climate of fear to curb free speech

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Convicted as a criminal for tearing a book

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