Monday, February 10, 2014

Children At Play -- As Easy As ABC


What a crock that 4 Corners program was. It was actually worse than I expected. Its only redeeming feature is that it was so boring nobody could possibly remember anything about it beyond the twelve minute mark.

Nothing new. The usual mangy suspects. (That guy with the video camera who showed up to protect the Arab kids going to school "because the attacks on the children have become so frequent? ... or something ... they usually need the army but dork from central casting over here has taken over today because the army didn't show up .. or something)

As for the lady Lyons chose to state the case for the Israelis? The this is all about religion person? Sorry. Tired of this crap. If Lyons can not bring himself to report the truth that the existence of Israel is all about the law, the peace, the rights of nations, and that those who are opposed to Israel mean to destroy her, then the guy has no worth as a journalist. Just another cafe latte bore with suspect motives. 

And "No More Silence"? Or whatever they are? Come on. We know about them. 

It is impressive how effectively the authorities have this thing under control. As Lyons reports, casualties in Judea and Samaria from this latest filthy little racist insurrection have been minor. Lyons of course completely misses the point of that.

For Lyons the lack of blood shed in a bad situation is a sure sign that you are doing things wrong. Lyons wants more blood. Otherwise how can you pretend that you even have a case?

How come of all the under age thugs in the world only the "Palestinian" ones gets to be called "children" ? 

They're cute when they are this age:

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  1. "Crock" and "4 Corners" should always come as a hyphenated name. In fact all so-called "information and news reports" should, if they come from the ABC and their "sources".

    They come from the Goebbels' school of propaganda, and are on the same side.