Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Short Speech For David Shoebridge MLC


Onya Pat.

Impossible to listen to Pat Condell's latest video without at least a passing thought for the nasty little gang of creeps who hang around the office of the Greens NSW Parliamentary spokesman for gay and lesbian affairs.

Inviting Holocaust deniers to join them for a nice afternoon cruise on Sydney Harbour in aid of Hamas is the least of it with this mob. 


  1. Another great video by Pat,
    Have you read this article? J'Accuse: The Vatican Against Israel


    I am Catholic and knew nothing of this.

  2. No Rudiau I hadn't read the article before. But I have now.

    I didn't know most of what is claimed here. I knew the relationship has always been chilly and that the Vatican was slow to extend normal diplomatic courtesies but as a micro-state I guess I thought this was partly a matter of resources. I also knew that Vatican international policy would have been strongly influenced by religious impulse and doctrine but that should hardly come as a surprise.

    I knew the Vatican has always been a promoter of an "internationalised" Jerusalem over which it would have some say. Something like that was part of the original 1947 UN partition plan which was accepted by the Zionists and rejected by the Arabs. As we know history was therefore to take a radically different course but I suspect the Vatican has never given up the dream of Jerusalem as a "world city". How quaint.

    The extent of the accusations is quite chilling. Disconcerting to say the least. I don't know what to make of it. I'm not sure if I want to read the book.
    It seems to me this is mainly a matter for Catholics because ultimately it will affect them more than perhaps anyone else.

    Because the attack on Israel is essentially an attack on the West, the calculation is that Israel will not survive without the support of the West. That is right of course but there will be catastrophic war well before that point.

    If basic Western institutions are absorbing this disease then it is a terrible sign for us all. You expect this sort of crap from the UN but not the Vatican. To sell out Israel in this way, if that is in fact what has happened, is really just a form of slow suicide. It's extraordinary but this relatively tiny dispute in terms of numbers and territory has become that critical for the kind of civilisation we will end up with.

    I'm at a loss to understand the absence of any form of solidarity with Christians in Muslim lands who are being persecuted and driven from their homes where they have lived for centuries before there was Islam, before are eyes. Where's the outcry about the human rights of these people?

    I've added Raymond Ibrahim to the blog list. Check out his site if you haven't already. He is a Christian of Middle Eastern extraction who is an expert on Islam. There's a lot of stuff on that site I didn't know.

  3. Thanks for your insight.
    Yes, the Vatican has been seriously lacking in their support for the plight of Christians in the ME.
    I will add Raymond Ibrahim to my reading list, thanks.